I.Jones: Justice for Blac Chyna



Model, Blac Chyna and her attorney, Lisa Bloom attending pre-court hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court, July 10, 2017 in Los Angeles, California (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

After a sex tape starring , Blac Chyna, surfaced Monday, February 19, 2018, the model has decided to take legal action and hire a lawyer. Despite being exposed by ex fiance, Rob Kardashian, and having a past of being a stripper, this type of exposure couldn’t go without consequence. Blac Chyna’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, claims there to be three legal options that may be chosen, the criminal option, because revenge porn is a crime in California, civil option, because it’s considered a civil wrong, and pursing the case as domestic abuse. Whatever action is decided on, there will be legal consequences given to whoever posted this video on an anonymous Instagram account. “Revenge porn…..is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse. It’s also a way to try to slut shame women for being sexual. Girls have killed themselves over revenge porn. It’s not a joke.” tweeted Lisa Bloom February 29, 2018.


J. Johnson: Emma Gonzalez

Photo of Emma Gonzalez giving a speech from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School at an anti-gun rally in Fort Lauderdale (Photo by Rhona Wise, AFP/Getty Images, posted on USA Today)

USA Today News Website


One of the survivors from the mass shooting at a Florida high school, Emma Gonzalez, gave a speech at an anti-gun rally. She called out President Trump by name on gun laws. She initiates that if it was a knife the murderer had, he wouldn’t be able to kill nearly as many people.

The article contained photos of Emma crying and hugging people. It also includes a video of her speech. This creates a sympathetic image for her. The audience feels bad for her but is also looking up to her because of her big speech. The writer mentions Emma being viewed as a hero. This makes people look up to her and see her as a leader and maybe even inspirational. The title of the article is “Emma Gonzalez survived the Florida shooting. Now she’s taking on Trump and the NRA”. The writer made sure that Emma taking on Trump and the NRA was in the title to initiate the importance of blaming Trump in the NRA. In initiating this the writer is showing biased. The writer agrees with Emma Gonzalez, and believes that Trump and the NRA are also partly to blame. They too believe that if there were better gun laws, then this indeed would not have happened.

T.Hamilton: Catholic School Fires Teacher After Marriage To Girlfriend

According to many people who practice religion, women have no say about who they marry and based on traditions they have to marry men. On February 8, Jocelyn Morffi, who was a teacher at Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School in Miami was fired from her job of seven years days after she married her girlfriend.

(Image fro NY Times showing the teacher and her wife)

In the image from the article it shows two women in white dresses that we can assume to be wedding dresses. It also shows them holding hands and looking at each other on a dock in front of the ocean. Based on the image there are no clear stereotypes that can be named, but taking a look at the article there are plenty. For example in the article the director of communications said in an email that “Ms. Morffi was fired because she violated a contract stipulating that teachers must abide by Catholic teachings and traditions”. In this one statement there is a stereotype that is clearly being said about how women that teach at the school must follow the catholic teachings and traditions because there is no other choice about who women are suppose to marry.

Another example would be that after the incident with the teacher, all teachers in the school were called into a meeting with the school officials. A teacher that was at the meeting said “They were warned that if they wanted to continue working for the school, they could not post pictures or attend events that would be considered supportive of same-sex marriage”. This is an example of stereotypes for not only women, but also males because this warning applies to both genders because if you work at the school you must only think based on the traditions and teachings of the catholic faith.

D.Johnson: Mormon Advises Women to Stay With Their Abusers

Normally women are told to leave their abusive relationships and that it Is never okay nor is it a female’s fault when she is abused. However White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter was accused of abusing two of his ex-wives. Porter and his two ex-wives were Mormons. Both of his ex-wives mentioned the abuse to the clergy and were instructed to stay with Porter. After the allegations of the abuse Rob Porter resigned from his position after the allegations. However, Mormons began to receive backlash as women began to post about their experience in abusive relationships and looking to the pastor for help. “In response to their requests for guidance, the women said, they were told by their bishops to stay in abusive relationships, that their eternal salvation could be jeopardized by leaving violent partners, and that they were to blame for their marital problems.” Buzzfeed News had the opportunity to interview a lot of women who has experienced abuse from their husbands and looked to the clergy for counsel and were told to stick through their marriage. “Ginny, a 43-year-old Utah woman, said her husband started physically abusing her soon after their marriage in the early 1990s. She eventually suffered a broken jaw and had “a big chunk” of her hair ripped out, she said. ‘My bishop at the time told me I needed to work it out and figure out what I needed to do to fix me,” Ginny recalled. “I got told, ‘Maybe if you lost a little weight he wouldn’t cheat. As the wife, you’re the one who sets the tone for the family.”


Colbie Holderness is one of two women accusing ex-husband Rob Porter of abuse



J.Seabrooks Transgender women breast feeding child

In an article written by Lindsey Bever for The Washington post, a transgender women has been reported to be able to breast feed her own child. This making her the first case study of a transgender woman being able to breast feed their child. This was thanks in part of  hormone treatment of course. The only image that was displayed in the article was that of a sleeping baby being coddled by their smiling mother.


(This was a stock image that the reported use for their article. The image was not a picture of the women and her child in the article Source: istock)

In the image, one can argue that the reporter was trying give the audience the idea of “motherhood”. Motherhood being how a women always cares for her child and keeps them close next to her. Showing a caring mother and a sleeping baby hugging her chest softly gives a warm atmosphere about the article. It can also be interpreted as the reporter’s effort of trying to invite the audience to this new idea of how a trans female can be able to achieve this kind of motherhood aesthetic thanks to breakthroughs in science such as this.

Throughout the article, the reporter seemed very fair and even-handed with the subject manner without coming off as condescending or accidentally alienating their audience. What was strange about this article however was the fact that she never released a name for the patience who went through the treatment not once in the article. Although this could have been under the request of the mother to keep her and her baby’s identity anonymous for privacy reasons.

As for any stereotypes in the article, there was no blatant ones that could be interrupted as a stereotype for women or trans females, both positive or negative. It was a clear and unbiased news piece about a case study in the field of science. A photo of the women and her baby could have help given the reader have a sense of clearly of who she was and how she was handling such a procedure, but given the hypothesis of her concealing her identity maybe the reason for this happening.

Marzett: Mother and Son Survive Mass Shootings

Annika Dean a mother of two was involved in the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting a year ago. This past week her fourteen year old son Austin Foote survived the school shooting on Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. USA Today’s Alexi C. Cardona wrote an article on the family and their feelings going through these tragic events.

Austin texted his mother to let her know they were doing an active shooter drill at school. A few moments later he texted her “it’s not a drill.” Annika said her heart sank as soon as she got the text. Dean and Austin sent multiple texts back in fourth until he finally evacuated the school. He hid in the schools JROTC class room with thirty other students. “This was worse than being at the airport, knowing my son was in that situation and there was nothing I could do,” Dean said. The airport shooting she was involved in has changed her Annika Dean says. When she is out in public with her boys she tells them to put their phones away and pay attention to their surroundings. Loud noises easily startles her and she often has flashbacks of being in Terminal two were the shooter started fire. When her and the boys are grocery shopping she often asks them where they would hide if their was an active shooter in the store. Now she knows this event has changed Ausin, he has lost two best friends that he’s known since second grade.

Annika Dean and her son Austin (USA Today)


This image shows a stereotype of hurting both Annika Dean and her son Austin Foote look hurt in this picture and they are comforting each other. They have both been involved in  traumatic life changing events and are very blessed that they survived, but they have to live with the flashbacks and the nightmares. In the article Cardona says “Austin Foote survived a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday.” When she says survived, that is sterotype that he was almost killed, which is true and that gives the audience more of a sad emotional appeal to the story. Alexi Cardona also starts the article with “Thirteen months ago, Annika Dean didn’t know if she would live to see her children again. Three days ago, Dean didn’t know if her oldest son would live to see her again.” Tragedy is the name of this stereotype, if a mother never got to see her child again  or a child never got to see their mother again because they were killed in a mass shooting is tragic.

This article was of course very sad but it was a great article if you want to view it yourself check out the link below.



D. Jacobs Did British Model mastermind her own kidnapping

This morning British Model Chloe Ayling told Australia’s  own ” 60 Minutes” that she is not offended that people look at her as the masturminder of her own kidnapping. Chloe Ayling was said to be kidnapped this past July in Milan, Italy by two men who have been arrested and charged with her kidnapping. Fox News reports that Chloe Ayling says, that she was held captive in a farmhouse by the two men for approximately six days until she was finally set free. Chloe claims that the two men who kidnapped her claimed they wanted $ 355,000 in ransome money but Fox News reports that no money was ever paid according to lawyer for Lukasz Herba ( one of the alleged captors) said that the kidnapping may have been staged to raise Chloe Ayling modeling career. Lukasz Herba made this claim last week while on trail in an Italian court and, the police report that his accomplish was his 25 year old brother Michale was also was arrested under exstordination charges.

Ayling stands by her claim by telling ” 60 Minutes” that she is 100 perent certin Lukasz Herba and his brother are guilty of the crime.( News.com.au.reported.). On the website Ayling  was quizzed about what happened and turns out her story was very inconsistence. Ayling did not tell Italian Police she had gone shoe shopping with one of he allege abductors, which is very strange considering the circumstances. In the interview that Chole Ayling gave ( News.com.au. reported)  the intervier says” Ive heard of Shockholm syndrome but, not shoe shopping syndrome. Details are still emerging but so far we know that Chloe Ayling made a claim that she was kidnapped but her stories are very inconsistence. The picture below shows the face of a scared guily man. You can see the fear in his eyes and a sense that he doesn’t really care.Mug shot for Lukasz Pawel Herba, the man charged with kidnapping young British model Chloe Ayling who thought she was coming to Milan for a photo shoot. (Polizia di Stato, Italy)

Chloe Ayling on 60 minutes Australia speaks about her alleged kidnapping . ( www. dailymailuk.co.uk)This picture from (dailymailuk.co.uk and foxnews.com) shows model Chloe Ayling a beautiful model. But  as you can see she looks like they type of person to tell a lot of stories that are believable. No wonder why in the interview it says her story was very inconsistent. She seems like a person who is hard to believe and the type of person to make up lies.