J.Clarke Woman gave birth at home during Irma

It was a “tramatizing” experience but she knew she knew she had to stay calm about it. Tatyanna Watkins,23 gave birth around 5:30 am that morning on Sept. 10 to a beautiful girl that weighed in at 6 pounds 11 ounces and 20 inches long. Her boy friend David Knight was coached on the phone by the 911 dispatcher. Being in a situation like that can be nerve wrecking simply because its something one would never expect to be in. The 911 dispatcher taught the father over the phone how to tie the placenta with a shoelace.

Kudos to the dispatcher supervisor Desiree Farrell for coaching the couple in thier time of need. If it wasn’t for her they would’ve still had their hands in the lions mouth. “It was so much teamwork and effort at doing what we could” Farrell said. Many say it sounded like a train wreck was coming outside and it felt like no coming back. The family was safely transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital that morning around 8 am. This is a good example of people who care, people who communicate, for a good outcome, and end with good results.


Ju.Johnson; The Last Clinics

Abortion clinics all over the United states have been closing. There are now only seven states with licensed clinics in them. Those states are Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Mississippi. The pro-life protester have been making it extremely hard on abortion clinics over the years, causing a lot of place to close down. From the extreme protesting that consist of mobbing the doctors who perform the surgery, vandalizing the clinics, terrorizing patients, and even physically harming some of the doctors who perform the procedures. These incidents have made it challenging for clinics to stay open, and have also caused the government to get involved as well. Now with the government involved there are now many rules and regulations that have to take place for an abortion to happen.

Some of the stereotypes about women in this article are that women are not treated fairly. This stereotype is proven throughout the entire article due to the simple fact this whole thing is about women and what she should or shouldn’t do with her body. Another stereotype in this article is that women need all their decisions made for them. In the article it talks about abortions possibly becoming illegal in the U.S, basically forcing a women into a decision that she may not have wanted to make. The last stereotype in this article is that women who have abortions are inhuman. This stereotype is shown in this article because it talks about patients being terrorized and treated like they are beneath others because of the decision that they are making with their body.



Photo credits: William Widmer for VICE News


L.Hackworth : Just For Pride



The President of the Pride Alliance Organization, was shot and killed on campus Sunday, September 17 by campus police. The victim, Scout Schultz was a senior at Georgia Tech majoring in computer engineering.

On Saturday night at 11:17pm, Georgia Tech Police Department received a phone call stating that “someone had a gun and knife.” The Georgia Tech police department, went outside to the dormitory to see Schultz with a knife. The GBI stated that “Schultz would not comply with the officer’s command.” Which the situation ended with Schultz being shot and killed. Schultz was a very loved student around campus, and students states it was devastating to hear the news.

In the photo , you see Schultz wearing a LGBTQ flag around her and a matching hat. The stereotype from this image is that she could be a very outspoken person women. When you think of the LGBTQ community , you think of free spirited and outspoken people , especially women.

In the article , it states that Schultz would not comply with the officers commands , which led her to death. A stereotype could be that women are erotic in certain situations. Possibly women don’t listen to things when they are told.

After more of investigation , Schultz is actually a transgender or going through the transgender process. Transgender women are stereotyped as liars because there not telling the truth about who they really are. The author of the article never emphasized the gender of the person who was killed , to not create stereotypes

Article :.https://www.buzzfeed.com/remysmidt/georgia-tech-police-shooting?utm_term=.cpl52WobZ#.xtyXmNnGV

Picture : Facebook


A. Manning: Nepal Ending Period Banishment

Photo by Subina Shrestha, Al Jazeera’s Nepal correspondent, Aug. 12, 2017

News of a 19 year old girl dying from a snake bite during ‘chhaupadi’ leads to Nepal criminalizing the practice. During chhaupadi, menstruating girls and women are banished to outhouses so they do not “upset the gods”. Women in Nepal are often treated worse than the livestock and, during chhaupadi, are housed in front of the animals in huts or cells in order to protect them from predators. Even in the capital of Nepal, women are considered untouchable while on their periods. Women are often stereotyped as weak and helpless. Practices like chhaupadi only perpetuate these stereotypes by stifling women, shaming them, and not allowing them an honorable place in society. Also, there is only a $29 fine for violating the new law. Showing how of little importance the matter was made. Also perpetuating the stereotypes of women in countries like Nepal.


A.Robinson LGBT Activist killed

Scout Schultz was shot and killed because she didn’t follow commands. Her mother been saying she been having problems, but the police could have a different source/method then killing her. Other’s state that she wasn’t holding a weapon so someone could have made it up despite on they told police.

She seems like a happy person, and aware of the person that she want to be seen as to the world. A very involved person in the pride alliance. She wore the colors so there is no mistaking what she Believes. They was pushing to let the LGBT be heard and shared around their comunity


Source: Author: Cezary p

July 17, 2008

ESPN Sports anchor Jemele Hill made a statement on twitter from Donald Trump’s past events and history, and she called him a “white sumpremacist” and makes more negative statements about Donald Trump. The White House said she should be fired for her “reckless” twitter post and threatened to sue the company. Jemele Hill believes in women empowerment and has a very strong standpoint and wants to stand up for her equal rights and justice and voicing her opinion on our unpredictable president of the United States.

Hill apologizes for her harsh comments on twitter and she also, apologized for embrassing the company.



J;Floyd Kenya’s Dump makes profit off of hair extensions

The largest dumps in Africa have become a marketing factor for most residents in the area. Residents are collecting and recycling used hair from mountains of rubbish. Nairobi’s Dandora Municipal Dunpsite has taken over a lot of land, it was declared full in 2001 but has remained active, with 850 to 1,500 tons of waste arriving each day. There have been campaigns discussing whether the dump should be shut down because it is a hazard to nature, but to a bunch of Kenyans the dump means a lot to them. However, a happy resident of Kenya named Winnie Wanjira, has been spent her whole life at the dump. Around 6,000 people make a profit off the items they find in the waste. In the dump Wajira makes her profit off the hair extensions she finds.  According to Wajira, “Maybe someone bought it and wasn’t satisfied with it, maybe the color, then they threw it away”. Most of the hair that is found in the waste is sold to hairdressers in Korogocho, a slum across the river from the dump. However, the hairdresser Wanjira sells the hair to  29-year-old Mary Wanjiku, who cleans the hair with detergent, oil, and perfume. Wanjiku is a happy business woman, she thinks it makes a lot of business sense the way she gets the hair. Although, some of her customers know where the hair comes from, they are still happy and pleased with the prices Wanjiku has.

The article explains how a woman who comes from a poor country finds a way to make a profit out of used hair from Kenya’s dump. The woman Minnie Wajira in the picture may be viewed as less fortune by the way of her looks. Her hair is a mess and she looks like she needs help. However, Winne Wanjira makes a living off of the hair extensions she finds and is happy at what she does.


Photo Credit: (AP Photo/ Adelle Kalakouti) http://www.ajc.com/news/kenya-dump-dwellers-make-living-recycling-hair-extensions/UPaZq8Qi8fjnkCJwuOa81H/