Jessica Williams

Woman Is Rewarded $12 million in Lawsuit for Tree Limb Injury:
Shanta Greene was awarded $12 million for being severely injured and almost killed from a tree limb in 2010. On behalf of the City of Savannah, the tree limb incident was simply an accident. City councils show sympathy for Greene’s injuries, but feel the verdict shouldn’t be appealed. It states in the article that her cousin was awarded $20,000 and her son $10,000, although i’m not sure what for. Within the next few days the city council and mayor will hold a meeting regarding her case and decide what to do next.
I’m sure the city council sympathizes with Greene and her family, but I don’t think anybody understands the pain and extra money a tree limb caused her. Greene’s leg had to be amputated and the tree limb almost killed her. If she didn’t have insurance then that’s a lot of unexpected money to pay back, so therefore I would sue also, but maybe not for $12 million. I think both sides are equally right. The city does make mistakes and with the overwhelming rain Savannah has a limb may break at any chance, no it’s not Greene’s fault, but the city shouldn’t have a problem negotiating a reward for her. I don’t think it should have taken 3 years for them to start making a decision, her leg was amputated for goodness sake! My opinion on our city council is they get to things according to the importance to them. The woman is looking out for herself so you really can’t blame her for the lawsuit. I will be on the lookout for an update regarding her case and hope all goes well.                                                                                                                                                      


One thought on “Jessica Williams

  1. Was the award excessive? Maybe, but how do you put a value on that kind of pain and suffering?
    As a student of the media I would like to know how savannahnow allowed two spellings of the woman’s name? In the picture caption it is Shente Greene and in the article it is Shanta Greene.

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