Noble Holt

A woman by the name of Rebeca Seitz was sitting in her home one day flipping through channels on TV. As she was flipping through the channels a strange advertisement streamed onto the television showing a very explicit sex scene. I think the shock of seeing this advertisement wouldn’t have been as bad except for the fact that her 8 year old son was in the living room with her. Seitz made many clear points to which supported one great question…Why was the advertisement airing early in the morning? Once the advertisement ended Seitz immediately wrote a blog post commenting on the advertisement and soon after the blog went viral and Seitz was then featured on the Fox News Radio. Seitz stated that she “cannot ever be okay with naked people having sex in the middle of ‘Good Morning America,” to the host of Fox News Radio.

The full story can be found at


One thought on “Noble Holt

  1. This story “exposes” other questions:
    – Why didn’t Rebeca Seitz keep flipping channels so her 8 year old son wouldn’t see this ad? Could it be that she realized she had a story for her blog?
    – Whose interests did Fox serve by featuring this story? Could it be that a chance to embarrass a competitor overcame their judgement of good taste?

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