Brittany Fields

Diana, the Hunter

In Ciudad Juarez,Mexico, an unidentified woman that calls herself ” Diana, the Hunter “, has taken justice in to her own hands and has been reportedly killing bus drivers that have raped vulnerable women. “Diana, the Hunter” boards the buses and then shoots the drivers. 

Media outlets in Mexico have received an email from who they believe is the killer that says, “We seem weak to society, but we’re truly not. We’re courageous and, if they don’t show respect to us, we will make them respect us by our own means. We women of Juarez are strong”. It seems that “Diana, the Hunter” is not only trying to send out a message about men raping women and that it is not okay but also how strong (mentally and physically)  women are and unappreciated. Since the attacks many of the bus drivers that take the same route of the two drivers that have been shot are no longer driving and showing up for work. They are scared for their lives. 

Since the late 1990’s, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico has been under very many attacks of women being slayed.”Diana, the hunter” is trying to take a stand and help end the rapings that have been going on. Hopefully, she will turn herself in because two wrong do not make a right.

Read the full article at 


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