Laquinda Wilson

“Mom’s voice used in search for New York teen”

Avonte Oquendo, an autistic 14, has been missing for the past week. He was last seen running in the hallways of his high school and then out of an unattended side door. Avonte has not been seen since. Vanessa Fontaine, Avonte’s mother has been strong for cameras and the audience around her as well as the rest of the city helping her find her son.

Ms. Fontaine says that everyday after school she greets Avonte, “Hi, Avonte” and he he responds. Her idea was to have a recording of her voice greet Avonte as well as telling him to go towards the emergency truck, car, or van that is flashing. Avonte’s family still believes he is alive and will find him.

Influential person: Mother, Vanessa Fontaine

Vanessa Fontaine has not given up in the past week with assurance that get 14 year old autistic child is still alive. Avonte can not verbally communicate well but knows the sound of his mother’s voice.

Mom’s voice used in search for New York teen


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