Erica Brown

Last night I was honored to be in the presence of one of my most favorite poets, Nikki Giovanni.

                             I imagined Dr. Giovanni to be a woman who held herself up to higher standards than most and would have this long written out speech, being that she is called, the world’s greatest treasure. I guess you can say I stereotyped her because she was just as down to earth as the next individual sitting next to me. As Dr. Giovanni spoke, she grasped my attention because of her understanding of my generation. I know most people can go on about her poems and what she stands for as a poet but my appreciation for her is the way she uses her wisdom to try to help my generation. She wasn’t trying to tell us how much she knows more than we do, nor was she trying to tell us in what direction to go. She simply gave us her knowledge by implanting it in her passion, WRITING.

Dr. Giovanni motivation with seeing the world made me realize that my history isn’t just in the books that someone wrote for me, but my history is within the world that is itching for me to come discover it. She entertained me and held me captive within her message because she didn’t care what anyone in that room had to say about her. This was her, and if you didn’t like what was said you had the option of excusing yourself from the program.

I believe that if I left with any message from last night that I believe could help me with pursuing my dreams, it would be when she told a young lady to never care about what others say or think about your passion. It’s your passion for a reason and if you continued to care about what others think you would soon become insane.


————Erica Brown——-



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