Amber Taylor

I decided to go deeper into the third question which asked the following questions: What are the stereotypes of tall men? Tall women? What are the stereotypes of short men? Short women? Society automatically assumes that a man high in stature automatically plays a sport. Preferably, basketball or volleyball. It’s almost as if they think he as some sort of super strength that wasn’t given to other human beings. When first coming in contact with a tall male we unconsciously relate them back to being dominant, powerful, and sometimes arrogant. However, the stereotypes that are consistently made against tall women  are that they are extremely masculine and no nothing of versatility when it’s time to act woman like. Society has forced some of us to believe that all short men are angry, bossy (also known as having the “little guy syndrome”), and suffer from having a lot of insecurities. A more popular stereotype that I’ve seen made against short men as I have grown as a woman is that all short men have small male organs. LOL. Stereotypes made against short women are that they are not self-sufficient, weak, and fragile.

Here’s a link to a feature story on tall celebrity women such as Kimora Lee Simmons and singer Yolanda Adams. http://


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