Briana Walker

Being tall in general comes with a long list of stereotypes. As a tall man you are expected to be strong, confident, and good at basketball. In most cases those stereotypes do not apply. In a man’s case being tall is supposed to be a good thing. Most men are admired if they are tall. They are envied by other men and adored by most women. Tall men give off the impression that they are in control and can handle the “little” situations. With short men comes underestimation and doubt. Short men are frowned upon because people don’t think that they are not capable. In most cases woman prefer tall men over short. For women it’s different. Some women are frowned upon for being tall. I guess when people come in contact with a tall woman they feel intimidated and inferior. Tall women are looked down on by men because men feel like they should be the bigger ones. I guess they assume with size comes power. Tall woman are looked down upon by woman because they make them feel apprehensive. When it comes to short women they are more accepted into society. Women are expected to be short or shorter than men. Our first lady, Michelle Obama, happens to be tall standing at 5’11. Her height was talked about in an article for People magazine for being the tallest first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt. Michelle Obama is a phenomenal woman and I think her height adds to her greatness. Being that President Barack Obama is very tall they make a perfect match.,,20359218,00.html


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