CaDarius Giles

What are the stereotypes of tall men, and tall women? What are the stereotypes of short men, and short women?

Even though i am a male and only 5’9″ i really have not faced any major short man stereotypes throughout my lifetime. The most i can remember was in high school when every male, tall and short gathered around the basketball goal to see who could grab the rim. It was always expected that the shorter guys would not be able to achieve this goal because of their height, not their talent, athletic ability, or skill. On the other hand i have over people say “oh he’s too short”, or    ” what happens when i put on my heels, ill be taller than him smh”.

Both male and females go through height stereotypes. Sometimes men think that taller females are less approachable and tend to shy away from them. Short men are not always intimidated by tall women on the other hand. Taller men and women  tend go through questions of being athletes because their height and not so much of other things like lawyer, doctor, dentist, etc. Women tend to shy away from short men because some say they do not feel as protected as they do with taller men.

Brittney Griner 6’8″ Female basketball Star


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