LaTerrica Bellamy

12untitledWhile reading the stories about Suzanne Basso, Kimberly McCarthy, and Arturo Diaz being executed in Texas, I kind of got a sense that the women’s murders were different from those of Arturo Diaz. The author GRACZYK stated that the court either categorized the women as being liars or just completely insane. Whereas the man’s murder was only described as him stabbing a man 94 times and robbing him for 50 dollars. Although they did link this one murder to other murdered victims, it was not as intense at it was with the women. for example with Kimberly McCarthy, a stereotype that I ran across is when the author went into detail about how she killed her next door neighbor by going over and asking for a cup a sugar. To me, that’s a stereotype within itself. Then the author went on to describe how she took the victim’s car and went and pawned the ring to purchase crack cocaine. They then linked 3 other murders to her that she was convicted for but was not tried. On top of that all of her jurors were white except for one. The author was very descriptive in her article and made her seem as if she were a liar. along with Kimberly McCarthy, the author also describes how Suzanne Basso killed her victims. In her article she was basically described as a liar and insane. He spoke of how she lied about her upbringing and her family and how she would lied about how a snake tried to kill her. Both women seemed to have brutally beaten their victims. The man on the other hand just seemed to stab and rob a man. I believe these articles were very stereotyped and made women seem as if they were liars or just completely insane.



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