Nye Short (60 Minutes)

While watching 60 minutes, I was drawn in by the improper verbiage one may deem “stereotypical”. From the opening with the Caucasian host, you may already have preconceived notions about the route the shows topic may take. From the medical personnel in back to the extras on the screen, there were zero representation blacks. This embodied the stereotypical notion that whites more than blacks are granted such job positions traditionally. When explaining the effects of the drug in men versus women, we hear women referred to as “pesky” contributing to their difference in metabolizing the drug. The difference in hormones in men and women is what causes a difference in reactions. This is what leads researchers to experiment on male animals versus female. There needs to be greater extensive research on what may lead to different effects in women versus men; age, height and weight can also affect the dosage.  I am surprised that there is less research done on how the dosage of medicine is prescribed especially on race.


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