Shaurice Flowers (60 MINUTES)

As I read the article It seemed to be accurate, but after watching the video I came to the conclusion that there is no way it could be accurate. In the video you see no other races besides white females and males. I know medical professionals are well educated people who should know that when trying to prove a hypothesis such as you should test all other races to see if you get the same results. Also, in the article, the author made it seem as though women were healthier than men. For example, when the author stated ” Low-dose aspirin lowers the risk of heart attacks in healthy men; but in healthy women, turns out it doesn’t though it does protect women against stroke.” In this statement it should have been balanced; it should have gave a positive and a negative outcome of taking aspirin within both genders. The term “pesky” that scientist use to describe women is very disrespectful considering that their preference is to use males in their experiments. This goes to show that the sexism and discrimination still exists.


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