Women at SRPI Karis Gibson

I attended a lot of my mentor’s sessions to show my support for her. That would be Mrs. Tatia Adams Fox. With her story, she explained to students that in her department at Atlantic Records she is the youngest, the only female AND the only African American. That is a lot to take in if I was her, but she accepts that challenge. I know her story like the back of my hand from the time she graduated at Savannah State to where she is now. Most of her job positions involved her being one or of the few women in the office. With the music business being so male dominated that is the expectation. Women have to work twice as hard and excel in their position to move up. I have noticed that a lot of women were in attendance at SRPI. The success stories were amazing to hear. As well as the adversity. Many did bring up that they had to act accordingly to be “appreciated” in the same office as a male. Tatia said it best with telling everyone the fine line of making others believe the women is an emotional wreak to an inferior counterpart in the workplace.


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