Women through the timeline

Thursday, 3-13-14


A little late posting your assignment  to blog about denizens of the timeline  of women we discussed in class yesterday.  (You had an email yesterday, however.)

OK, go to the timeline:  https://www.bloomu.edu/wrc/timeline

The timeline is  from the Women’s Resource Center at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Read it, choose a woman who sounds interesting, look her up and blog about her, including a picture of her.  (Be sure to cite the source of the picture.)  Write at least 500 words (and please make lots of paragraphs so it’s easy to read.)

Tell us about the woman’s significance and a few details of her life, preferably details that probably influenced the event or action she’s known for.  (Please tell us, in the text, where your information came from.)

Be prepared to talk about her in class, if called on.

Please have your blog finished by 9 a.m. tomorrow (Friday, 3/14/14) so that I can read them before class.

Can’t wait to learn about a lot of interesting women.



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