Briuna McKenzie: Women and Golf

Golf and women has grown over these past decades, it was mainly a man’s sport, but some women have mastered the sport over time. The image of women in golf, they are still seen as something to look at, I did notice that they showcase the more attractive women in golf, but also credit their rank and performance in the sport. In the Golf Digest, they chose to use the girlfriend cover because the magazine still has to have male viewers. It has to have appearance so they can make money still and using beautiful women who play sports is the best way to do that.
Women in golf are continuing to change and they are making a name for them, not to just be pretty playing golf, but to actually be considered as an athlete like men are. For example, Michelle Wie, a professional golfer is ranked 13th and makes over three million dollars for playing golf. She has won many golf tournaments and she still shows here fans that she is herself and her image is pleasant to magazine covers. She makes more money than most men and probably plays better than them as well. She is considered an athlete to most that know her and her image in golf represents that women can stay conservative while being on a Sports Illustrated magazines.


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