Latonya Smith

Women and Golf


I find it interesting that a woman in this article played golf and especially in the 1950s. The men were dominant in this sport back in this time and still is today. I don’t know that much about the sport but I never hear anything about the women on the news as much as I hear about the men. Tiger Woods has prominence, because he is very good at the game. The stereotypes are that this is a male game and women are amateurs. I was looking at some related articles in the Golf Digest that can complement this blog and I have found that women have to deal with sexism and racist. Gender plays a big role in the golf world and money. Women have to play the victim and portray a specific image towards the public. Most of the women in the Golf Digest are wearing something short and cute. Women bodies are used to increase revenue and that’s why it is so important for women to carry a particular image.    


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