Mexican Women & Children Immigrant- Travonn Jackson


I read the article Faces of an Immigration System Overwhelmed by Women and Children. This article is about women and children immigrants who try and flee Mexico to come to the United States. These immigrants are placed in emergency shelters on military bases in Phoenix because the shelters in Texas are too full.  The women are portrayed as mothers who try and flee the country to give their families a better life.

In this story there are a lot of stereotypes about Mexico. One of the stereotypes that is in the story is that Mexicans are always trying to cross the border illegally. Also there is that they all come from difficult situations back home and want to come to America for a better life. Another stereotype is that people want to leave Mexico to come to the United States.

There are also stereotypes dealing with the Mexican mothers, one of those stereotypes is that they are willing to do whatever it takes to take care of their families. Also they are shown as resilient women who want to come to America for a better life.  Another stereotype that is not really said in the article but it is implied that these immigrants are poor. In my opinion he media tends to portray women as weak and needed to be taking care of. They also portray mothers as nurturers who will go to no ends o take care of their kids.

The kids in the story are also stereotyped, these young boys and girls are looked at as kids who are running away from home to get away from their parents. Also another stereotype that they face is that they come from bad situations and want to move to the United States. They use these stereotypes by talking about how the traumatized some of the kids are at the camps because of the situation that they left in Mexico.

Also there are stereotypes about how Americans treat immigrants especially Mexican immigrants. There is a long history of violence and racism between Americans and Mexicans. In the story it talks about how they come to the camps tired and hungry because they do not get any food while they are getting transported. It seems from the article that they really do not care about these immigrants well-being. At the camp volunteers are trying to entertain and encourage these kids to make sure that they are comfortable with their new living arrangements.   

One thing that I noticed while reading this article is that they did not talk about the men. It is uncertain whether these women only left with their kids. The story does have some holes in it, they did not disclose whether they will reunited with their families. However, it does say that they are searching for their family members that live in America, but it does not say what will happen to them f they did not have a family living in the United States. Also the story does not detail how long they will stay at the overcrowded bases.



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