Andrea Pierce 061314: “Black Women do Breastfeed”



The Link:

The women in the graduation cap and gown is a black female graduate name Karlesha Thurman post a picture on a Facebook page called, “ Black Women Do Breastfeed”. Social media made a big deal and commenting negative things about the women breastfeeding her child. There are black mothers across the nation that do breastfeed spoke put about the picture and didn’t think that it was a problem.


Nicole Sandiford started the Facebook page on black women breastfeeding. Sandiford started the Facebook page by showing the world that black women do breastfeed, she started “black women do Breastfeed” in 2010 by writing a blog then turn it over onto Facebook to get more women to read the and join the movement and get more black women to breastfeed. A Georgia mother name Shlonda Smith who also joined “black Women Do Breastfeed” breast-fed her five kids according to Smith,” it became important to me to see other black women breast-feed and make it visible that yes, black women do breast-feed and why is it OK for a star to wear this but for me to breastfeed it’s a problem.” For example, studies shows that white women breast feed more then black women, but if a black woman do breastfeed in public and get called out on it the reporter might say, “there is a women in public breastfeeding”, black women want a image to let people know that there are black out there that do breastfeed, so instead of a just saying “there’s just a woman breastfeeding” its better to say there’s a black woman breastfeeding in public to show the image of that woman.


The image Thurman post she thinks that it’s an example of her getting pregnant in her last year of college and had her daughter one week in her last semester, her newborn was her motivation to keep going to set a better life for her and daughter. This is why she post the picture on the page to show the world that she made it with a newborn and she do breastfeed. Smith ask Thurman do she want her to take the picture down but Thurman said no, because she wanted to become a voice to others that also been in the same situation. By Thurman picture “Black Women Do Breastfeed” did get negative comments also but got support from a lot of audience that rise to 7,000 in one day. So we ask ourselves, why do we have to judge others and not support for what is right?


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