Belvin: Girl Firing Uzi

       On Monday a gun instructor named Charles Vacca was shot and killed by a 9 year old girl accidentally.  Charles was carefully showing the young girl how to properly hold and shoot the Uzi.  Once she pulled the trigger there was a strong force of wind that blew and the young girl lost control of the gun and it shot and killed Charles.  They were at a gun range in Arizona where the incident happened.  There were not any criminal charges because it was an industrial accident and the girl was with her parents.  This gun range allows children who are between ages 8 and 17 to fire weapons only if they are with they’re parents.  When the incident happened, everything was captured on video of a cell phone and was released by authorities.  

       Charles’s family didn’t have any negative thoughts or wishes towards the girl and her family.  They hoped that the young girl is okay and they are sending out prayers and also a letter to her hoping that she’s okay.  And they also hope that the young girl and her family doesn’t have to live with this situation forever and hope they can get pass it.  

       “Gun experts think that children should be taught only how to shoot single-shot hand guns” because they think it is safer.  In my opinion, I don’t think children should be able to be taught how to shoot guns period.  It is too dangerous because their lives are at stake and also the instructor’s life is at stake as you can see from this news.  Another reason is because children are not strong enough to handle a gun between the ages of 8 and 13, some between the ages of 8 and 17 as well.  It’s far too risky for the parents, instructor and the child.


Walton: Is College Needed?


Summary: Peter Thiel sparked a debate for the pros and cons of attending college when he started giving money to young people to bypass college and sharpen their skills for the real world instead. The real goal is to add diversity to the tech world, however entrepreneurs are worried if skipping college will hurt women and colored women. Unfortunately, in our society women stand a better chance against men in the business world if they have a degree. 

Opinion On The Issue: My opinion on the issue is that is sad and unfortunate that women have to work twice as hard as men to accomplish the same goals or to obtain the same qualifications. For black women and men, it is far more difficult to meet the same level as white men. If women decide to bypass college and pursue a career in Silicon Valley, it would be almost impossible to be considered for the job without having a degree. Sadly, most of the men in this area graduated from Stanford, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute Technology. 

Opinion On The Journalism: I do not agree with the constant use of the word “girls” in this article because the people that the writer is referring to are women. I do not see the writer using the term “boys” to refer to the men in this article. Otherwise, the article is un-bias and gives a great coverage why women should not skip college. 

I ran across another article that had to do with women in the workplace. Laurie Penny states that women are being admitted into high positions. However, a lot more women are being given these positions because it is only for the headlines. Penny argues that men are the biggest economic problem for women in the business world today.

Goden: Joan would be touched

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers PortraitSummary- Comedy legend Joan Rivers suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest while having a throat surgery procedure done, Joan had stopped breathing completely and when this occurred, she was immediately rushed by an ambulance to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, which was just a mile from the clinic where Joan was being performed throat surgery on. Her daughter Melissa Rivers released a statement on Friday explaining her gratitude for peoples prayers and tributes, and said that her mothers condition still remains serious but that she is now resting comfortably within the hospital.

My opinion- Yes Joan Rivers is 81 years old, and true she has lived a long life, but there is just no reason why she should have suffered cardiac arrest while going through a medical procedure whether it was a cosmetic reason or not, she seemed pretty healthy for an 81 year old woman, and truthfully I think that something happened on that operating table that no one wants to talk about or  cant talk about at the moment; but honestly sooner or later the real truth will come out about how she even got into the critical condition that she is in now, then everyone is just going to be shocked when the truth is finally leaked to the media as it always is.

Comparison- USA Today gave a short but sweet summary of what happened to Joan Rivers on the operating table, it explains or reports her condition as being serious, and also mentions some semi touching things that her daughter Melissa Rivers releases to the public on Friday, that’s about it. In CNN, there’s more of a detailed description of Joan’s serious condition and adds a little bit more detail of what happened, and where she currently is now with her health. CNN did a better job of explaining the situation, rather than trying to make it short and sweet.

White: Egyptian Citizens Campaign Against Harassment of Women

Egypt Sexual Harrassment Protest

Summary – A group of mostly teenagers and men took to the streets of Cairo’s capital this week, ready to do battle — in bright green vests with spray paint in hand — against sexual harassers. Dozens of civilians, including women, distributed leaflets to raise awareness about sexual harassment, criminalized for the first time in Egypt last month. The efforts mark an intensified focus by the Egyptian government and ordinary citizens to attack a problem that has made this country the worst in the Arab world in its treatment of women — even worse than Saudi Arabia, which is well known for limiting female rights. 

Some didn’t welcome the anti-harassment initiatives. Young Egyptian Sherif Ayman, who saw a boy get captured by campaigners who spray-painted “I am a harasser” on his shirt near Tahrir Square, suggested the practice is unjust since some feign harassment.

On the Article – I find the statistics given in the article to be appalling to say the least.To find that “a report published last year by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women found that 82.6% of female respondents to a survey in Egypt didn’t feel safe or secure in the street, and 99.3% said they experienced some form of harassment,” is very disturbing. No woman should have to experience harassment from a male just because she is female and it definitely should not be allowed to go on. For the nation to just now be turning a head to the situation now that it has gotten so far out of control and has become, sort of a norm, is sad. At least something is beginning to be done about it now but in the same sense, why did it have to take so long. 

On the Journalism – I like the way this article was written very much, It pulls you in with the fact that men and teenagers are taking a stand against harassment on women which leads to show that the problem must be severe. It then takes you through how severe it is and what is being done about it, how and why. While reading, I did feel as though the statistics and facts were a bit all over the place but when looking at the bigger picture, they all come together to paint it very well..

Clark: Mother to Islamic State

blog two

Brief Summary: As a mother, it is in their nature to watch over her cubs no matter how old they are. This particular chain of events is no different. Shirley Sotloff made a plea through video to Islamic state leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to release her son, Steven Sotloff from hostage. Steven is a journalist who traveled there to get a story based upon the Muslims who suffer from the same radical tyrants. His family has not seen him in a year and it breaks his mothers and families heart to see him in this light. Not a lot of families who suffer from kidnaps are bold enough to do this but she strongly believes he should not suffer for what he has no control over. All she wants is her cub back home safe and surrounded by all of his loved ones.

My opinion on the issue: It takes a lot to do what she did and despite the circumstances of rather or not it would be beneficial or detrimental her son, much less her and families own safety. No one could be absolutely angry at Sotloff and what she did because there are many valid points to be made. Unfortunately as events would have it that Steven would be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His only intentions were to cover a story, too innocent in my opinion to get caught in such insanity.

Comparison of another source: I looked at the same article from CNN and they told the story in a very similar fashion to USA Today. CNN nor USA talk down about Shirley’s actions in order to save her son; she was only using her motherly instincts. It has been said that Scott was released Tuesday unharmed; I wonder if her plea to Islam had something to do with it.

SIMPSON: 1 in 5 women sexually assualted while in college


Summary – This article is shedding light on the issue of sexual assault in college students.  Rape cases are constantly overlooked and often not even reported.  This article stresses that 1 in 5 college women are sexually assaulted, mainly by someone that they know.  Obama’s administration has admitted a task force for this matter and has since then launched 76 American colleges and universities.  The article also makes note of the fact that most sexual predators in college tend to be the “star students” or the most popular athletes who of which also tend to bring the college/uniiversity the most publicity and money.  The program hopes to implement prevention and respond more effectivley to rape cases.

My Opinion – I feel that this issue is something that is very prevelant at many colleges/universitys and something that is way past overdue for improvements.  I like that with the new rise of prevention programs that more women in college are more comfortable to share, and even better, report rape cases when necessary.  Being a victim of sexual assault, I can agree with the fact that rape is a touchy subject and often is something that makes women feel embarassed or ashamed to take to authority.  The writer of this article, Sara Hassan, really did a good job of stressing the intensity of the subject matter as it relates to women who are victims of rape everywhere, I’m sure.  Rape happens to both men and women but is more common in women college students.  There are people who are convicted of crimes and receive long sentences for things that I do not even feel measure up to the cruelty of rape.  Rape is defnitely something that should be handled more seriously.


9 year-old girl kills instructor with an Uzi




NY Times:

BBC News:

Summary of Article: A nine year old girl went on vacation to Arizona with her family. She and her family decided to go to a very popular gun range while vacating. The girl shot and killed her instructor at the range while being instructed on how to use an Uzi (high-powered sub-machine gun.) He was airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas where he was pronounced dead.

My Opinion: Firearms are an issue in today’s society that are very controversial, but a child firing a fire arm is not unheard of but not accepted. No parent should have their child/children participating in any activities that consist of using a fire arm. The gun range for a 9 year-old girl should have never been an option while on vacation especially high powered guns that the journalist of the New York times calls “the guns of your dreams”. All gun ranges should not allow anyone to fire any fire arms under the age of 18. You cannot purchase a gun being under the age of 18 so why would you need to shoot a gun in the first place? The problem was blamed on the instructor but that doesn’t stop that 9 year-old girl from having nightmares of that vacation that went wrong, the year she shot and killed a man.

My  Opinion on the Journalism in the NY Times Article: The article gave numerous opinions of others that worked at the gun range as well as regular civilians which made the article more informal as well as lengthy. The journalist never mentioned the name of the girl or a description. She was simply called “girl” throughout the article. The man was described as being an instructor and either a police office or an officer in the military that is trained in fire arm safety. The video attached is the only way readers/viewers were able to get a description of the 9 year-old girl.

Compare and Contrast Articles: I compared and contrasted the NY Times article to the article posted in the BBC. Both articles never stated a name or description of the young girl, she was stilled listed as “girl”. The BBC article was very brief yet to the point verses the NY Times article which quoted many civilians of today as well as employees of the gun range. Both NY Times and BBC pushed more blame on the instructor rather than the girl.