Clark: My Cool Girl


A cool girl was cute for the 80’s, today a cool girl refer to herself as a “Bad Bitch”. They don’t take being called one as an insult unlike Queen Latifah, but more as a friendly compliment. “Bitch you so crazy. Where you at bitch? Bitch I’ll talk to you later. My main bitches stay turnt.” If you are offended by any of these comments then you are not considered a cool girl. The expectations set for a cool girl are pretty high but are aimed at low standards. Therefore, if you are not wearing the latest Jordan’s or own more than one pair, consider yourself as lame with a capital L. Stars like Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé are idolized by these cool girls, so if they are not your role models you have no taste. Today in this point of time cool girls are unhappy, insecure, and being yourself jeopardizes your image. If you are slightly curious to know if you are classified as a cool girl visit your favorite social media website (Instagram or Twitter) and check your number of followers vs how many people you actually follow. If the number of followers you have is higher than the number your following then you might be qualified to be a “Bad Bitch” considered by today’s society .


Being a cool girl does not require being someone else or fitting in line with regular people. It takes a real woman to enjoy all aspects of life other than the materials things. Real women chase goals and dreams of being successful. Real women rise above the stereotypes and barriers set for most women in today’s society. A real woman doesn’t need another man or woman to fulfill their needs, they will find that the one thing they are searching for is personal respect and gratification of learning how to be happy with whom they really are and who they aspire to become in this world. Success means nothing if you don’t have yourself in mind at the end of the day. So I myself aside from what I hear and what people try to put me through consider myself above all to be a cool girl.


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