Grimes: My Cool Girl

The topic of the “The African American Cool Girl” is one I find particularly interesting. I have never been the “Cool Girl”, never in my life. My generation has had the same stereotype of what an African-American cool girl is for as long as I can remember in my opinion. I came in contact with my first cool girl when I was about ten. First and foremost, she’s pretty. Now skin color can vary, but lets be honest, she’s usually lighter skinned with the long hair. She has to wear THE trendiest clothing and shoes.They are emotionally unaffected by almost everything and they have to have attitude for days. More specifically, they are usually the one putting other girls down if they they don’t have name brands and trendy clothing.  I have never known this cool girl to be the smartest nor the most athletic. If by chance she happens to be athletic, it has to be something ultra feminine like cheerleading or vollyball. A boyfriend is almost always nice. I mean, what girl doesn’t want a boyfriend? Now, he can not be just any boy. He has to be tall, dark, and handsome to the point of jealousy.

Now my opinion of what a cool girl should be is not really about looks.  Although I do feel like she should be presentable at all times, style or trends are not necessary though. I feel she should be goal-oriented and independent. She must be pleasant and nice to others almost to the point of being inspirational. I feel if she chooses to be athletic (which is optional) , that she should be a leader and push her teammates to be the best they can be. She should be respectable, but relatable (not too good, but not too bad.) She should not be defined by her relationship or lack therof. She should be active and involved in her community. My “cool girl” is the girl often over-looked, a rarity in today’s society of African-American women.


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