My grandmother Mrs. Daisy Padgett aka Shorty, only family have the privilege to call her that. Shorty is consider to be the 1st pastor in my family. This lady raised me from the age of 3. She is my father mother. She is a graduate of Alfred Ely Beach High of Savannah, GA. Every day I learn something from her. When the statement was said someone has a heart of gold, courage of a lion, and wisdom of a monk this was describing Shorty all the way. Every one that meet her instantly take to her not just for her ways or the fact that she very spiritual, but the aura she gives off truly do bring light to the day every time.

She is the second eldest of 14 kids and everyone is always seeking her approval of things for example buying a house, relationships, and home remedies. She is really known for her famous pecan pie. Cooking and baking is just one of her many talent’s.

When I asked Shorty “what inspired you in life?” her response was “life itself is was get me going. I enjoy helping people because that could’ve been one of my kids or you. You’ll catch more bees with honey than something bitter. So live life and give without looking for reward, always say yes’ sir and no’ sir, and never let today kill your tomorrow. One thing I know and two things for sure respect will take you were a dollar won’t. That’s why I make it my business to drop off can goods and to the needy you just never know how you get your blessing. Prayers go up and I can say I’ve seen many blessing come down.”

My grandmother is always know for calming anger she just has that effect on people. This lady is my encouragement every day when I get bogged down by people, school, or work I just think of her voice and how she helped and changed some people lives that I know first-hand. For example there was an apartment fire in Garden City the very next day she called me and asked to come pick her up to go to the bank. It was a total of 3 families that was displace because of the fire. My witness Shorty go to the apartment manager and get contact information for the families and gave each a total of $3k to each family. I was very disturb by this to a degree due to the fact I got rent, phone bill, and other bills due and she seeming oblivious to my struggles, she displayed to me what it mean to care and look beyond race, sex, or gender and just have a heart to the world because we need it.


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