Walton: Civil War

There was very few information to be obtained for my great great grandparents. However, my great aunt was able to share a bit of history with me.

My great-great grandparents were Tilton Brewer and Lonnie Mae Brewer. My great-great grand-father, Tilton was a white man and my great-great grand-mother, Lonnie was a black woman that passed as white. Tilton was a farmer and they lived in a small town within the city of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Tilton had lost of animals as well as crops. He owned several cows and chickens. The livestock he and Lonnie had was the main reason for their prosperity during the Civil War times. Half of the money that Tilton and Lonnie made had to go towards the towns hospital to support the injured. In the town of Hopkinsville, my grandfather were one of few men that were not sent to war. However, I found it interesting that my great great grandmother often helped aid nurses at the local hospital to treat the wounded.

Tilton and Lonnie lived on the main street. This meant that they saw people from other towns enter and leave the town all the time. They were usually the first couple of people to hear about updates with the war.


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