Goden: My Idea

For my idea I decided that I wanted to do it on two specific women, Marie Laveau, and Madame Lalaurie. These two characters played a crucial role, in last seasons show American Horror Story: Coven. Marie Laveau played by Angela Basset, was depicted in the show as the voodoo queen of New Orleans, she was very powerful and was also considered to be immortal. Marie had many special powers and could perform many untold of rituals at her whim, she had many strengths and she also had weaknesses, but she truly was a the queen. Madame Lalaurie played by Kathy Bates was an evil and twisted woman, she had many insecurities about herself, but many of those insecurities, spun from her unfaithful husband on the show.  so to make up for the lack of having a perfect household, and a good husband, Delphine, which is her first name, decided to take up a hobby and this hobby involved torturing the slaves that served in her household. The twisted part about this hobby is that Delphine enjoyed torturing these slaves, and took pride, when she saw the look of pure agony of the faces of the ones that she personally tortured. Her house, still stands in New Orleans, and is still famously known as The House of Horrors. I also would like to discuss the imagery of these two characters, and any stereotypes that go along with them. I chose these two because not only are they actually realistic characters but, they appeared on one of my favorite shows which. is American Horror story and I will enjoy learning more about themAmerican-Horror-Story-Season-3-Cast-Promotional-Photos-13_FULLAmerican-Horror-Story-Season-3-Cast-Promotional-Photos-11_FULL


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