Grimes: Research Proposal

These days its becoming obvious that less black women are choosing to fulfill the negative stereotype of being single baby mamas. Single maybe, but not baby mama’s. . After data was released this March revealing that Black Women are the MOST educated group of women in America, it was evident that Black women are on the rise. But, another shocking reality, that almost 50% of black women have never been married. So while black women are thriving mentally and in the work place, our relationships are suffering more than ever. So Shonda Rhimes depiction  of Olivia Pope or Mara Bock Akil’s depiction of Mary Jane may  not be that inaccurate. I plan to show the correlation between average educated black woman, how they are depicted in melodramas to reality television,and the accuracy as far as statistics are concerned. Especially in the area of having children, being mistress, or emotionally damaged. Black women have been shown to need more help reproducing due to not having partners, even to the point of needing assistance of perm banks, or in Mary Jane’s case , sperm stealing.Yeah, I said it. Sperm banks have been know in our times as a place for white women , maybe even same-sex couple, but never a single black woman. So what has caused this shift?


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