Walton: Women Making Decisions



This article discusses the need for women in to assume positions of power. Cognitive Neuroscientists across the nation have conducted experiments using both women and men in circumstances where they have to gamble in order to win a prize.Studies showed that in stressful situations men were more likely to risk more than women. Since men experience a larger release of cortisol when stressed, that factor contributes for their risk taking, in comparison to women, who release lower levels of cortisol when in stressful situations. This article also specifically went into describing decision making skills that women and men have. For example, an experiment was conducted where the women and men had to speak to an audience and at the same time be judged on their speaking abilities. However before that they had to play a gambling game. The closer the time got for when the women had to speak, the better decisions they made in the game. In contrast, the closer it got time for the men to speak, the more risks they took.

My interpretation of this article is that it was very informing. It was not at all bias in this person’s factual findings, especially considering that there was so much comparing and contrasting between men and women. There were no overly excess use of words to describe women or men in a stereotypical way. For the most part this article followed all Associated Press Style Book guidelines.



In comparison to the last article I analyzed, this article goes into more depth with society considering to allow women in powerful positions. I read that in a political atmosphere, women considered all stakeholders positions and beliefs while making decisions on things. Studies also proved that women may be good decision makers based on a higher percentage of return capital, return on equity and returns on sales in comparison to men.


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