Okeke: Ravens Cheerleader Rapist?


47 years old Molly Shattuck turned herself in to authorities on Wednesday and was prosecuted on charges of third-degree rape, unlawful sexual contact and providing alcohol to minors, police said. Molly rented out a vacation home in Bethany Beach, Delaware, over Labor Day weekend. While she was there her and a 15-year old boy was engaged in sexual activity and she provided alcohol to minors. Mrs. Shattuck was formerly a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and was announced the oldest cheerleader ever in the NFL. She joined at the age of 38 in 2005.

Molly is being viewed or treated as an old woman who is a pervert, who is distasteful and a disgrace because she was supposedly having sexual intercourse with a child. She would be stereotyped as a cougar and a rapist. A hot attractive older woman who attracts and is attracted to younger guys but in this case attracted to children because he is minor. Also she would be viewed as a horrible wife or terrible representation of her husband because she is married to Mayo Shattuck III, the former CEO of Constellation Energy. The two are now in the middle of getting a divorce their status right now is separated. The reporter feels that she is very old and repulsive because the reporter kept stating her age and that she was announced as the oldest cheerleader in the NFL. He also brings up more than once the little boy age so people can notice the huge age difference and point out she is old enough to almost be his grandmother. The reporter is putting a disturbing image in the reader’s mind to get his point across subliminally that he is disgusted. It was also brought up that she was in a reality show called “Secret Millionaire”. That is letting us know that she likes attention. In this article there was quite a few things that pointed out what kind of person she was.

This article was posted on the CNN website as well the NY Times and the article stated the same exact thing just worded differently. Both articles pointed out her age more than once as well as the little boy. They also stated she was the oldest women to ever be a cheerleader in the NFL.


Ross: Feminist Street Art


This article discusses the campaign “Stop telling women to Smile” which was created by artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh in relation to a experiment conducted by an actress who walked around New York City for 10 hours and the video shows the comments that she received while walking. The article talks about how these cat calls/compliments that they receive from men are actually a form of verbal harassment and that it shouldn’t be taken lightly.She discusses how she noticed a pattern when coming in counter with men which is that these aren’t just compliments/ forms of flatter but are annoying and sometimes scary.  The project she started aims to draw attention to street harassment and its pernicious effects by placing portraits of women who have been harassed outside in public spaces, and is captioned with messages to their offenders. Some examples include “Do not touch my hair,” “No, you can’t talk to me for a minute,” “Women are not outside for your entertainment,” and lastly “Women are not seeking your validation.” The artist says her process begins with a casual interview discussing street harassment and what exactly they go through and from there she shoots her subjects portrait and from the photo she creates a black and white drawing and then prints and puts them in public places.

My opinion on this topic is kind of mixed, I do agree with the view which is that cat calling and excesive compliments can get annoying but at the same time I wouldn’t go that far as to say that its scary or that its really sexist. I feel as though this article was looking a little to deep into the issue of cat calling. In the article statements were made such as “Whenever someone says that to me, ‘Oh, it’s just a compliment,’ as some type of defense, I take offense to that,” she said. “I feel like it’s a condescending thing to say to someone… As if me, as a grown woman, I don’t know what a compliment is.” This is a example of how I believe they were looking to deep into this issue,  i feel that its not just a men think that’s like saying getting a compliment makes you feel that way and that’s not just a men issue but is a overall issue. I would definitly say that this is a article that hits the nail on the head with issues with women.



Belvin: Courage In Journalism

Summary:  Najiba Ayubi, Bopha Phorn, and Zimbabwean journalist Edna Machirori were all honored from the International Women’s Media Foundation for their courage of risking their lives reporting and promoting women’s advancement in the media for news.  These women traveled from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Syria, and Zimbabwe to receive their Awards in Los Angeles.  Najiba Ayubi, director of “The Killid Group” encountered many life threatening events in her 25 years of journalism.  Members of parliament filed lawsuits against her and she also had an gunmen to threaten her at her house.  “Bopha Phorn, editor for The Cambodia Daily” covered the corruption of power in Cambodia.  In 2012, she managed to live through a terrifying incident where she was shot at in her vehicle by a gunmen after she was investigating illegal logging.  Edna Machirori started her career 50 years ago and is the first black newspaper editor.  She is being awarded the IWMF Lifetime Achievement Award.

Opinion:  It’s amazing how these women stood strong in their jobs especially reading about the horrific life threatening obstacles some of them had to overcome.  I like how they believe in what they do as a career and how they shake off danger and life threatening moments.  I really appreciate the love and commitment they have for their jobs, and they really deserve to receive the IWMF award for their bravery.  This speaks on how high of courage you have to have in order to do your job when your life is at high risk.  The diction that the reporters used in this post was positive to me.  He/She spoke very highly of these women and shows why they earned the award.


Walton: Yale Needs Equity!



There is a sexual harassment issue finally going public at Yale University, that has been constantly swept under the table for the past couple of years. Dr. Michael Simons decided to profess his love to a Italian junior medical student, Dr. Annarita Di Lorenzo,  in a love letter. The Italian doctor did not think the letter was appropriate because it was disrespectful towards not only her but her boyfriend, now husband, Dr. Frank Giordano and Dr. Simons wife. Later on, Dr. Di Lorenzo moved to Cornell, but her husband remained at Yale. With Dr. Giordano remaining at Yale, he suffered a stall on his career due to Dr. Simons. Dr. Di Lorenzo and Dr. Giordano have filed a complaint to Yale’s Universal Committee of Sexual Misconduct. The committee ruled that Dr. Simons was indeed guilty of creating a uncomfortable environment for the couple and for sexual harassment.

Other faculty members expressed their outrage for the lack of women equity through out the campus. However, members on the provost allowed Dr. Simons to return, finding none of his actions to be inappropriate in the incident.

I believe that Dr. Simons should suffer the loss of his position at Yale University because he made Dr. Di Lorenzo and Dr. Giordano feel uncomfortable upon working there, so it is only right that Dr. Simon experience some type of loss or suffering. I think there is a lack of concern with the equal treatment of women on the campus of Yale University. It is a shame that this incident was hid under the table for so long. Sexual harassment in the workplace is sadly common worldwide.

This article is not biased in stating names, presenting information and facts. There are no adjectives or adverbs used to describe the subjects in any derogatory or gender-identifying way.



This article is about the extremities of sexual harassment in restaurants towards female servers. In contrast (not to say that women servers suffer more than any other women in the workforce) women servers experience a lot of sexual harassment on a daily basis. Working low wage jobs does not give an open floor to sexual harassment from men. Places like Hooters seems to promote the sexuality of servers due to the uniforms. This just goes to show that it does not matter the workplace or environment, women are prone to being sexually harassed in their work environments.

Goden: Myra Williams

Myra Williams was once married to Rock N Roll superstar Jerry Lewis, the catch is Myra was only thirteen when she married Jerry Lewis, who also just so happens to be her first cousin as well. This scandal occurred in the 1970’s and when it did it became a huge shocking scandal. Not only was there a huge age gap between the couple but, there was also the fact that the two of them were related by blood. In addition to this it was discovered that Jerry had not even divorced his second wife before, marrying Myra. The couple was married for about ten years, before deciding to get a divorce. Nineteen years later at the age of 45 Myra realizes how her life was taken from her at such an early age. At the Age of thirteen Myra was secretly married, forcing her to grow up at an even faster paste than most people, then a year later was pregnant with the couples first child. As a child Myra was forced to become an adult because of her rash decisions, but now has realized how those decisions have helped her to become the woman she is today.

My Opinion- No child should get married at such an underdeveloped age, kids will be kids, they don’t know what the best choices for them to make are yet. No parent should let their child get married to someone who is almost ten years older than the child, and a huge part of that also contributes to the possibility of being related as well. Having a child marry into the blood line is not right, and its also not the right thing to do. Children should just spend their childhood being children; not being married off and having babies. XXX JERRY LEE LEWIS  JY9484.JPG A ENT XEN