Belvin: Courage In Journalism

Summary:  Najiba Ayubi, Bopha Phorn, and Zimbabwean journalist Edna Machirori were all honored from the International Women’s Media Foundation for their courage of risking their lives reporting and promoting women’s advancement in the media for news.  These women traveled from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Syria, and Zimbabwe to receive their Awards in Los Angeles.  Najiba Ayubi, director of “The Killid Group” encountered many life threatening events in her 25 years of journalism.  Members of parliament filed lawsuits against her and she also had an gunmen to threaten her at her house.  “Bopha Phorn, editor for The Cambodia Daily” covered the corruption of power in Cambodia.  In 2012, she managed to live through a terrifying incident where she was shot at in her vehicle by a gunmen after she was investigating illegal logging.  Edna Machirori started her career 50 years ago and is the first black newspaper editor.  She is being awarded the IWMF Lifetime Achievement Award.

Opinion:  It’s amazing how these women stood strong in their jobs especially reading about the horrific life threatening obstacles some of them had to overcome.  I like how they believe in what they do as a career and how they shake off danger and life threatening moments.  I really appreciate the love and commitment they have for their jobs, and they really deserve to receive the IWMF award for their bravery.  This speaks on how high of courage you have to have in order to do your job when your life is at high risk.  The diction that the reporters used in this post was positive to me.  He/She spoke very highly of these women and shows why they earned the award.


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