Crummie: 20-week Abortion Bill

Steve Allen

Steve Allen

This article was about the fail of passing a 20-week abortion bill. Basically, Republicans made a bill that would have forced women that were 20-weeks pregnant from being able to receive abortions. The Republicans also would have made a stipulation within the bill saying that if the victim reported to the police that they were raped then they would be able to receive an abortion after 20-weeks, but there was controversy over that aspect of the bill because they believed that women would lie and say that they were raped just to receive an abortion past 20-weeks, which would cause the bill to have no significance. In the end, the bill was dropped and they just decided to consider a bill that stated that abortion could not be supported by tax dollars.

Honestly, while reading this article I was a little confused as to why the Republicans were trying to put stipulations on abortions without American women’s consent. They did not hold a vote as to if we are in favor of them putting restrictions to our choices or not. This, to me, shows that women really do not have much political power or life choices in society. At the end of the article the reporter stated that they brought in a group of powerful women to help them make the decision and the women obviously were not in favor of the bill. I do not know exactly why the women were not in favor of the bill, but I would like to believe that it was because they were protecting the rights of women everywhere. I believe that they knew that this issue would cause an uproar from women everywhere. Even though I am pro-life, I believe that people deserve choices. That is a decision that women in America should make as a whole. A room of men is not suitable to answer that question or to make that decision for women.


One thought on “Crummie: 20-week Abortion Bill

  1. A good issue to discuss, but your blog should be primarily about the images and stereotypes of women shown and created in the story. You touched on such a discussion by saying the story seems to show that women don’t have much political power. In future, ask yourself what kinds of adjectives, nouns and verbs are used in the story to describe women and the women’s issue. Are any women quoted or only men? How is Politico portraying women with its writing and reporting? Earley

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