Cumberlander; Same-Sex Interfaith Issues


Painting by: Brandy Kayzakian-Rowe

(available for purchase on


In a small town called Somerville, Massachusetts there is a female couple by the names of Julia Spigelman and Erina Donnelly. According to New York Times, they are currently engaged and at the moment trying to find a rabbi that suits them to get them married. The interesting thing about the couple is not simply that they are two woman together, but the fact that they come from two different faith’s. Julia comes from a Jewish background and Erina is Roman Catholic. Because they come from what their family probably think “two different worlds” they try to visit both types of church’s. They happened to find a rabbi they connected with but the rabbi said that she does not marry anyone Jewish that does not have a Jewish partner. A positive thing that the couple got out of this situation is that they still have faith in their engagement. Ms. Spigelman stated “our religions are expressing the same values through different stories.”

My opinion on the story is that all the information was very interesting to read about its sad they have to go through all the hard work to get married. Some people travels hours and hours just to get to a state that allows same-sex marriages. For this couple, they went beyond the obvious and made sure their faith’s are in place first. I also commend them for still being positive and not losing faith within this process because that shows a lot. It is disappointing that in our society everyone cant be happy despite involving yourself with the same gender as yourself.


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