Thomas: Runaway to Syria

 British Police have stated that the three teens that were missing have indeed runaway to join Islamist extremists in Syria. Three girls aged 15 and 16, left their East London homes and boarded flights to Istanbul. They attended school together and were friends. They are also friends with another girl who ran away to Syria in December. Police believe they crossed the border into Syria to join so-called militants in the Islamic state. Parents of the young girls are shocked and devastated, they’ve issued direct appeals for them to return home.

CCTV captured the girls passing through security at Gatwick Airport

CCTV captured the girls passing through security at Gatwick Airport

The author inadvertently depicts these teens as helpless and naive. She employs that the girls were radicalized through online propaganda. They are being lured to Syria to become young brides for Islamist fighters. Northam wasn’t biased, she was factual. She conveyed how severe these terrorist groups are getting to entice young women to runaway. They are inducing them to join their terrorist groups and to carry out the most heinous crimes. Their aiming their propaganda at young girls because their more tolerable and gullible. When Northam quoted British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and he stated that these terrorist groups believe that “girls should be married at nine and girls should not leave the home”, it displays a sad reality. These young women who are running away to Syria have no idea on what their running to. They are being deceived online only to arrive there to be stripped of their rights.


Poe: Patricia Arquette’s Speech

Photo from by Photographer: Matt Petit, AMPAS/European Pressphoto Agency)

Photo from by Photographer: Matt Petit, AMPAS/European Pressphoto Agency)

According to Slate’s online magazine, After winning Best Supporting Actress Patricia Arquette tried to utilize her speech  to take on an opportunity to speak out on the controversial topic of wage equality for women within the United States of America. According to Slate While at the podium Arquette stated “To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights.” She also stated “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.” When asked backstage to elaborate more on the topic Arquette stated “And it’s time for all women in America and all the men that love women, and all the gay people, and the people of color that we’ve fought for to fight for us now.” 

In my opinion, Arquette should not have tried to take a feminist approach about wage equality for women by telling “gay people” and “people of color” to fight for white women just because she feel like they have fought for them. I say this because Lesbians and African-American women have been fighting for wage equality for decades, so for her to call out lesbians and African-American women telling them to fight for white women was disrespectful in my opinion. I feel as though she insulted the feminist who are lesbian and African-American with her ignorant comment.

The writer of the article Amanda Marcotte was fair in my opinion. She discussed the issue then discussed her opinion on the topic. The article was not biased at all and i agree with everything that Marcotte discussed towards the article.

Crummie: Loretta Lynch’s Delayed Nomination confirmation

Photo of Loretta Lynch, prospective attorney general.

Photo of Loretta Lynch, prospective attorney general.

According to Politico, the Black Caucus has brought the matter of Loretta Lynch’s confirmation of her nomination into their hands. Loretta Lynch was nominated by the Democratic Party for attorney general, but has yet to receive a confirmation and it has been over 110 days.

The authors of this article, Lauren French and Seung Min Kim, targets the Republican Party and narrows in on the fact that Lynch would be the first African American woman, to possibly serve as attorney general, as the reasons for her delayed confirmation.

The authors of this article clearly support the fact that an African American woman should be nominated as attorney general, so I would say that the stereotypes placed on women in this article are positive. They place the stereotypes on Lynch as being African American and a female in the political world, which is a hard thing to be.

The Republicans are against Lynch because of the stereotypes she faces in the political world in the fact that she is African American and a woman. They would rather have a Caucasian male, the norm, running for attorney general. The authors of this article did a great job making her seem as a good candidate by quoting multiple sources that supported Lynch no matter her short comings, gender, and race.

In my opinion, I hope that they confirm her nomination because I believe that she deserves a fair chance at running for attorney general. I have been keeping up with her and she has actually been doing many good deeds and has had a great impact on the political world, which could be referenced in a past blog written about Lynch. I believe that she has a great chance at winning the role as attorney general.


Photo By: The Heart Truth

Photo By: The Heart Truth

Recently the debate about equal pay for women has skyrocketed. Patricia Arquette used Sunday night’s Oscar win to stir the pot even more. Arquette advocated for equal pay for women, she had audience members jumping up and down and applauding her brave and courageous speech. All women of course. Hilary Clinton was even pleased with her speech. According to USA Today, Clinton said, “We all cheered at Patricia Arquette’s speech at the Oscars because she’s right. It’s time to have equality once and for all.” Coincidentally, Clinton paid her own female Senate staffers 72 cents on the dollar.

Photo By: Marc Nozell

Photo By: Marc Nozell

The most interesting thing about this column is that the journalist made it seem as if women don’t deserve, or don’t want equal pay enough. Crazy, right? A side note to that is, the journalist is a woman. She implied that women choose if they want to make less than a man by raising children. Saying, “most women and men make “about” the same amount, when you factor in decisions about whether to work part-time, or at all when raising children.” I’m sorry, what?

The problem with that statement is, so many people use women being mothers as an excuse as to why they’re not making as much as men. It’s a very stereotypical thing to say, and I would expect a man to say it. Can women not make the same as men because they are mothers? Do people think their emotions and hormonal ways will kick in at work? Men are fathers too, and emotional at times. It is like saying women shouldn’t be making as much because they won’t be able to handle the stress of being a working mom. So many people make this crazy and stereotypical assumption that women will lose all their marbles at work because they are dealing with family issues and it needs to stop.

Kemp: Women’s Theaters

French stage and early film actress Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet, ca. early 1880's

French stage and early film actress Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet, ca. early 1880’s

An article in the Washington’s Post titled, ” D.C.’s women’s theaters, emerging on the cheap”  explains to readers how women are “underrepresented” on the Washington’s stages. The main reason is because of the low budgeting that many female writers are relying on are barely getting the job done. More importantly it said that this fall about 60 companies premiere works by female writers in the Women’s Voices Theater Festival. It only seems that women theater was not so much of an urgency and that it is compared to the 1970’s. However more female writers are constantly rejoining the female focus on theaters in D.C.; starting at universities, grad programs, and artists testing themselves by producing shows in the Capital Fringe Festival.

This article being written by Nelson Pressley does not show that he is being biased, but more so that he understands the feminism that is being taking placed in theaters for women. He provides this article with outstanding information on the numerous female staging that have been successful and give opportunities for females to be accepted and looked upon as successful actresses. One specific female staging is Horizons: Theater From a Women’s Perspective, it is located in Washington D.C. and in 1988 it won Helen Hayes Award for outstanding musical.

Williams:Loretta Lynch Approved by Senate Panel

Photographed in 2011 by the United States Department of Justice

Loretta Lynch Photographed in 2011 by the United States Department of Justice

This past Thursday Loretta Lynch was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee to be the next attorney general. Loretta Lynch is the first African American woman to be chosen for this title by the president of the United States himself. According to the New York Times, “her belief in the legality of the president’s executive action on immigration, the same issue that has tied up the approval of funding for the Department of Homeland Security” is the Republicans main focus on approving her for the job. Loretta Lynch has gotten three Republican votes by her side when she only needed two, the future attorney general is still being doubted she can execute the job.

With Loretta Lynch being a woman of color in such a very male dominant workforce she has to prove herself much harder for the position. Journalist Emmarie Huetteman discuss throughout the article how many of the Republicans are very questionable about having Lynch as an attorney general due to if she agrees with the president on immigration. The writer made sure to include every negative element which was said about Lynch, from her not being capable of standing up to the president if needed and saying she was unsuitable for the job. Stereotypes on women in a political world are very upsetting because women hold less than 20 percent of jobs within the political world and also having everyone being very questionable about their position, so does that mean every woman is unsuitable? Within the article, Senate Panel Approves Loretta Lynch to Be Attorney General, Huetteman also mentioned how some Democrats are upset about how long the process is taking saying how she has had to wait four months since the president has announced her nomination and also how she “answered an “unprecedented” number of written questions from the committee.” First it was people thinking Lynch was not capable of having her emotions vanish when it comes to her being able to operate her job properly but now it is her being unsuitable for the job all together. When will the stereotypes fade so women can truly aspire to their full potential without the negative thoughts on whether she is capable or not? Whether she gets chosen for the job or not it is very inspiring to see a African-American woman get this far.


Toland: Women Terrorist


Image By: Jean-François Gornet

According to BBC, Many Australians are thought to have joined IS in Iraq and Syria. Up to 40 Australian ladies have joined terror attacks or are supporting militant groups, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has said. She said an expanding number of ladies were going to Syria and Iraq to join spouses battling with Islamic State (IS) or to wed a militant. Ms. Bishop said that ladies represented about one-fifth of all outside warriors in Syria and Iraq, however that it “defied logic” that ladies would join gatherings, for example, Islamic State (IS). It’s evaluated that some 50-60 ladies from the UK have gone to Syria by means of Turkey to join the militant extremist movement Islamic State (IS). On landing they go along with others from a scope of nations, including the US, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Norway and Sweden.

In this new ‘state’, women have all kinds of jobs and functions. For example, in the Syrian city of Raqqa they can join the so-called Al-Khansaa brigade, the all-female moral “police force” allegedly set up by a British woman. There are images of women carrying AK47’s, wearing a suicide belt and holding a severed head. But they are also cooking, making Nutella pancakes, doing housework, meeting each other for coffee, and being mothers and careers. Khadijah Dare – the 22-year-old woman from south London who notoriously tweeted that she wanted to be the first female jihadi to kill a Western hostage – went to live in Syria after arranging to marry a Swedish IS fighter, Abu Bakr.

In my opinion, this is one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard/read. I always believed in other countries females fought in wars but not to the extreme like this. Hearing upon the woman who tweeted she wanted to be the first female jihad to kill a Western hostage was mind blowing and a little over the top. I feel like the author did a good job reporting everything. They were very detailed within the story. It was very engaging in my opinion. I didn’t want to stop reading.