Alston: Bikini Bottom


(Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Has sports magazines gone to far? On Wednesday night Jimmy Fallon opened up “The Tonight Show” revealing what looks to be a Mazim Magazine at first glance, but when you actually take your eyes off the exposed model on the front cover you will see that it is indeed Sports Illustrated. Its nothing new for this magazine to pose half naked women on their front cover every issue, but this time they definitely have the public roaring. Model Hannah Davis is seen in a rather miniscule bikini, pulling down her bottoms with just an inch left to cover where the sun does not shine, thrusting her pelvis forward and giving her audience “bedroom eyes.”

The cover of the magazine does no possible justice for women at all. The writer of this article, Peggy Drexler, says it best, “It is explicitly explicit, and as such impossible not to view it as intended to reduce women to billboards and sex objects. Claiming to portray Davis this way in the name of “celebrating the female form” is a lie balder than her nether region.” You can tell just by reading that statement that Drexler is all about women’s respect for themselves and from those around us. I highly agree with Drexler and her anger toward such a revealing photograph of someone that is supposed to be an example of beauty not just for older women but for younger ladies that have the same super model dream as Davis did.

(Via CNN)



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