Parker: Karen Abbott comes to Savannah State University

0812_dream-defendersAuthor Karen Abbot visited Savannah State University on Friday Feb. 13th to explain more about her published book LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY. She explained the characters also who were in the book and described the roles that they have played in the story. She was a very interesting speaker and she also gave pointers on how she writes a book.

The book LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY is about 4 women who risked everything and even there lives to be apart of the Civil War.  Belle Boyd shot a Union soldier in her house and became a messenger and spy for the Confederate army. Emma Edmonds dressed herself up as a man to enlist as a Union. The name she used was Frank Thompson. Rose O’Neal Greenhow was a widow that used her daughter to send messages to the southern generals.  Elizabeth Van Lew was another women who went undercover for the Civil War. These women risk all they had to be apart of the Civil War.

This book characterize women as being the strong, brave, and prideful. These 4 women were strong because the risk all they had to just participate in the Civil War. The Civil War was a very dangerous war this is why they are very brave. They are prideful because they to the stand to stand up for what they believed in and didn’t let anything get in the way from stopping them.460x


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