Thomas: Runaway to Syria

 British Police have stated that the three teens that were missing have indeed runaway to join Islamist extremists in Syria. Three girls aged 15 and 16, left their East London homes and boarded flights to Istanbul. They attended school together and were friends. They are also friends with another girl who ran away to Syria in December. Police believe they crossed the border into Syria to join so-called militants in the Islamic state. Parents of the young girls are shocked and devastated, they’ve issued direct appeals for them to return home.

CCTV captured the girls passing through security at Gatwick Airport

CCTV captured the girls passing through security at Gatwick Airport

The author inadvertently depicts these teens as helpless and naive. She employs that the girls were radicalized through online propaganda. They are being lured to Syria to become young brides for Islamist fighters. Northam wasn’t biased, she was factual. She conveyed how severe these terrorist groups are getting to entice young women to runaway. They are inducing them to join their terrorist groups and to carry out the most heinous crimes. Their aiming their propaganda at young girls because their more tolerable and gullible. When Northam quoted British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and he stated that these terrorist groups believe that “girls should be married at nine and girls should not leave the home”, it displays a sad reality. These young women who are running away to Syria have no idea on what their running to. They are being deceived online only to arrive there to be stripped of their rights.


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