Jackson: Italy inverts murder conviction

Amanda Knox's lawyer called to deliver the news of the court's overturn.

Amanda Knox’s lawyer called to deliver the news of the court’s overturn.

Finally ending a seven year old case, was an amazing ruling by Italy’s highest court on Friday at 10:30 p.m. in Rome. The court overturned the convictions of the former American couple Amanda Knox and then Italian boyfriend,   Raffaele Sollecito, in the scandalous murder case of Knox’s British roommate, Meredith Kercher. The Court of Cassation’s six judges announced their decision at noon after closing arguments by Knox’s boyfriend’s lawyer when 21-year-old roomate was stabbed to death in late 2007.

The authors of USA Today, Kim Hjelmgaard and John Bacon reported this story very professionally and very detailed, while managing to avoid any stereotypes about women throughout the article unless from a direct quote. They did not target Amanda Knox with specific words indicating any images.


ARMSTRONG: Life After War



According to TheGrio,  Alicia Watkins, a retired Air Force sergeant has made a complete 180° after surviving on the streets for 5 years after returning home. In 2010, Watkins appeared on The Oprah Winfrey show and shared her heart warming story. According to Watkins there was a point in time where she had a place to stay but decided  to give it up to a mother of three children after she seen that they had no where to stay. Once the show aired, Watkins life started to make a turn for the better. While unaware for 5 years that she was homeless, because Watkins decided to distance herself, once news was out, her family and friends decided to get in contact with her and help her in anyway shape or form. Although faced with many health issues, such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), spinal cord injuries, and a critical brain injury, Watkins is still shocking the world as she is now in her Senior year of college at Harvard University.

“I have traumatic brain injury, I have post-traumatic stress disorder, I have a spinal cord injury,” she says. “It’s a hard road. I would love to be able to work today. I have offers, I have people that are willing to help me, but they all have to take a backseat to my health. As much as I want to work, I have to acknowledge that I am a casualty of war.”

Although this news article was more or so to inform the readers, I personally do not feel as though the article was up to date or gave the readers enough information.When discussing Watkins, trails and tribulations,  I feel as though more background information of the many veterans who are homeless on the streets and seeking employment. As far as stereotypes or certain derogatory language, I don’t feel as any was evident in this news article. Even the pictures that were used to give the readers a visual aspect of who they was talking about was of a positive nature. One picture used to relate to this article was both positive and inspiring as it is a picture of Alicia Watkins in her university shirt with a outdoors background with a big smile across her face. While the other picture/video is a still frame of her and Oprah on the show hugging closely and both sharing smiles.

Crummie: DEA Agents take avantage of prostitutes in Colombia

Picture taken by Brian Snyder.

Picture taken by Brian Snyder.

This article reports on how American DEA Agents were provided prostitutes, expensive gifts, and money by drug cartels in Colombia while visiting. According to Politico, the DEA Agents were known for having sex parties with prostitutes since 2005. They finally were reported in 2010, and it took until 2015 for only two of the agents to suffer consequences. The consequences were not great, though, in that they received a suspension from five to 10 days.

In my opinion, even though this was a news article, the reporter did not do a good job with showing the complete seriousness of what is going on. I guess this would relate to the stereotypes of a woman being a sex object. I feel that the reporter should have included quotes saying that the DEA Agents should have been trying to save these prostitutes instead of have sex with them. I am positive that these women were probably owned and forced to do these things by the cartel and it is sad that the Agents were reinforcing the cartels bad doings by indulging in sexual activities with these women. This issue should have been highlighted in the story in some sort of way, but it wasn’t, so clearly the reporter of this article has no sympathy towards the women that were prostitutes and does not help, or sympathize, with the stereotype of a woman being a sexual object.

Tucker: Meredith Grey

Photo by: Unknown

Photo by: Unknown

A major milestone was just reached in television by creator Shonda Rhimes. Her first hit show, “Grey’s Anatomy” is now celebrating its 10 year anniversary, airing first on March 27, 2005. The journalist did a good job by telling the readers about Rhimes’ huge accomplishment, noting that Grey’s was just the beginning for her. However, the picture in the article had a very interesting caption. The picture is of Ellen Pompeo’s character, ‘Dr. Meredith Grey’. The caption is from 2005 when the show first aired, saying how Grey,during her first day as a surgical intern, had a hard time dealing with a patient. The caption didn’t mention her triumph at the end of the day, however.

The journalist is right about Grey having trouble treating one of her patients. But my questions is, why didn’t he or she include how Grey solved the issue at the end of the episode? The journalist made sure to let the audience know that a female didn’t have the best first day at her job. But why? The caption would have been much more interesting, and it also would have gave the readers a little more insight into the character if the journalist had told the whole story. Did he or she want to make it seem like Grey, a female character, was weak? Couldn’t do her job right?

That is a major problem with today’s journalists. They like to make female characters seem weak. Suggesting that maybe women in tv need males to save or rescue them. Or help them along the way when they need it. The funny thing is, the male character in this episode, Dr. Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, was actually the one who was “saved” by Grey. But of course the journalist didn’t mention that.


Toland: Afghan Women Lynched


By. Senior Airman Chris Willis

Farkhunda, who was beaten to death by a Kabul mob last week, had been arguing with a mullah about his practice of selling charms to women at a shrine. In the course of the argument she was accused of burning the Koran and a crowd overheard and beat her to death. Hundreds of Afghans protested on Monday against the attack. The event has raised new questions about the pace of reform in Afghanistan. And there has been no attempt in the government to deny the seriousness of what happened. A spokesman for the interior ministry, Sediq Sediqi, said the father was right to say that the police could have done more to save Farkhunda. “We will have to work on our measures, on our teaching and training for our police across the country, and this incident will bring a lot of changes within us,” he said.

Farkhunda, 28, was beaten, hit by bats, stamped on, driven over, and her body dragged by a car before being set on fire. A policeman who witnessed the incident on Thursday told AP news agency that Farkhunda was arguing with a local mullah. Her father said she had complained about women being encouraged to waste money on the amulets peddled by the mullahs at the shrine. “Based on their lies, people decided Farkhunda was not a Muslim and beat her to death,” Mohammed Nadir told AP. The policeman who saw the incident, Sayed Habid Shah, said Farkhunda had denied setting the Koran on fire. “She said I am a Muslim and Muslims do not burn the Koran,” he said. “As more people gathered, the police were trying to push them away, but it got out of control,” he added.

An official investigator has also said there was no evidence she had burned the Koran. “Last night I went through all documents and evidence once again, but I couldn’t find any evidence to say Farkhunda burnt the Holy Koran,” General Mohammad Zahir told reporters at her funeral on Sunday. “Farkhunda was totally innocent.”Police say they have detained 18 people over the incident, with more arrests expected. In addition, 13 policemen have been suspended for having failed to do enough to stop the attack. Shukria, a woman visiting the shrine on Monday, told the BBC that the attack was “not just an attack on Farkhunda, but on all Afghan women. They have killed us all”. Demonstrators have called for justice and planted a commemorative tree.


Kemp: Women=Bigger Profits

working women

photo by http://www.flickr.com Successful business woman on a lap top.

According to an article written in The Washington Post by Danica Kirka titled “For business, more women in charge means bigger profits” explains that it all started with a young woman, Rohini Anand taking over a multinational catering company Sodexo. Her interest in the company was to show that it makes a difference for a company to have equal numbers of male and female managers. Kirka’s article provides numerous of statistical information, for example “A company-wide study last year found that units with equal numbers of men and women in management roles delivered more profits move consistently than those dominated by men.” However many companies have allowed more women to be employed, others find it frustrating allowing another gender to take control of a “man’s job”.

This article goes outside the stereotypes of women by providing facts that characterizes women as hard workers, powerful, dominate, smart, helpful, and strong. This world is slowly but surely accepting women to be equivalent to men. Though this is a hard adjustment it benefits other women to be courageous and do the unexpected that society places upon us. Kirka, being a female writer feels the same and obviously would like to see the rise of women employed in major businesses to continue. It has been marked that “companies are trying to increase the number of women in executive positions.” We are on the rise!

Parker: Woman Accused Of Cutting Baby From Another Woman’s Womb


34-year-old Dynel Lane

According to BuzzFeed News, 34-year-old Dynel Lane was arrested last week after cutting a fetus from another woman’s womb. Then she brought the dead baby to the hospital claiming that she just had a miscarriage. Later she confessed to police officers that she cut the baby from a pregnant woman’s stomach. Michelle Wilkins who was 7 months pregnant at the time was the victim who was cut. She was directed to Dynel’s house after answering an ad on Craigslist for baby clothes.

Staff at the hospital said that the baby would have been able to live if it had been born with correct care. Police say Dynel Lane’s husband David Ridley said he heard the baby  taking a deep breath. According the investigators, the district attorney Stan Garnett is going to wait until the autopsy comes back to decide the charges.

This situation characterize woman as being dangerous, careless , and crazy. Cutting a fetus from another woman’s stomach is very dangerous. It is not only dangerous to the woman’s life but also to the unborn baby’s life.  This has caused woman to be see as dangerous stereotypes. Anyone that would do that is very dangerous. The situation also make woman seem careless. The act she committed was very careless. Dynel was only thinking about herself at the time and didn’t know what consequences this problem will bring. Now she has to deal with the consequences. And last the situation causes woman to be seen as crazy. Crimes that happen like that would make woman seem crazy because that is a very psycho thing to do. Who would even come up with that idea? No one but a crazy person.

In closing, I really hope that Dynel Lane gets life or the chair because what she has done is very unacceptable and cruel.