Hall: Mean Child Meme

Mean Meme of Mariah that is going around on Facebook.

The mean meme of Mariah that is going around on Facebook.   By: Crouton2

Kyra Pringle is very upset that her child is a negative meme all over the internet. This article is written by Yesha Callahan, who wrote the title “Mother Speaks Outs about her child who became a Ridiculed Meme.” The writer used the word Ridiculed which draws attention to the story. Some people may not know what a meme is, but with the term ridiculed used before it, an audience knows that it is not a very good thing.

“Kyra Pringle’s daughter’s photo has become a vicious meme that ridicules her appearance,” said Callahan.  Again Callahan uses the word ridicules and she also uses the word vicious. The words used attract an audience and makes them want to read because the story is talking about a mother’s child.

The first photo Callahan used showed the mother Kyra and her daughter Mariah. According to The Root, Online Print, “Mariah suffers from chromosome 2 duplication syndrome, which causes impairments to her motor functions and development.” The writer goes on to say that an innocent photo posted on Facebook became a very negative meme.

Callahan used one of the negative memes in her article as well. One of the memes was title, “Someone shows you’re their baby and she looks like this.” This was one of the memes that went viral around social media. Callahan should have left this photo out of the article because it allows more people to see it.

At the end of the article Callahan said that parents should be aware of who they share their photos with on their pages. This is good advice but although people should be aware with whom they are Facebook friends with, no one should be picked on or have their child laughed at because they may not look normal to the world.


Photo: Crouton2


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