Kemp: Equal Pay 2058

women demand

published by Picture shows a woman’s day march with the demand for equal pay.

A specific article was published in The Washington Post , titledAt this rate, American women won’t see equal pay until 2058″ by Danielle Paquette. Paquette explained that the Institution for Women’s Policy Research predicted this estimation based on U.S. census data providing questions in various states such as: How many women in a given area were working? In management roles? In science, technology, engineering, or math fields?  and At what pay? Based on these questions the conclusion for wait being longer for those in Wyoming and Louisiana became a main factor.  However the gap between women and men’s salary narrowed in the course of the years from the 1980s and 1990s to the year of 2013. I quote from Paquette’s article, ” In 2013, Women made 78.3 cents for every dollar earned by men, up from 60.2 cents in 1980.”

men and women graph

published by Wikipedia. A graph showing the income by education and gender.

Author, Danielle Paquette provided this topic with numerous of facts and updated statistics that allows the readers (especially those who are females) to feel some type of inferiority to men. Though we are granted more rights in today’s century than previous centuries we are still at a crossroads when it comes to being compared to men. By this article informing readers that women’s earnings differ by race and ethnicity and that Native American and Hispanic women receive the least money; allowing Hispanic women to face the widest wage gap in America’s most prominent racial groups tells us that men really do not face the same problems when it comes to their annual salary. Also this article shows that society still places women in a weak willed, emotional, and stereotypical standstill. The powerless assumptions gave Paquette the reason to say ” The unifying theme: Women across the country have a long way to go.”


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