Crummie: DEA Agents take avantage of prostitutes in Colombia

Picture taken by Brian Snyder.

Picture taken by Brian Snyder.

This article reports on how American DEA Agents were provided prostitutes, expensive gifts, and money by drug cartels in Colombia while visiting. According to Politico, the DEA Agents were known for having sex parties with prostitutes since 2005. They finally were reported in 2010, and it took until 2015 for only two of the agents to suffer consequences. The consequences were not great, though, in that they received a suspension from five to 10 days.

In my opinion, even though this was a news article, the reporter did not do a good job with showing the complete seriousness of what is going on. I guess this would relate to the stereotypes of a woman being a sex object. I feel that the reporter should have included quotes saying that the DEA Agents should have been trying to save these prostitutes instead of have sex with them. I am positive that these women were probably owned and forced to do these things by the cartel and it is sad that the Agents were reinforcing the cartels bad doings by indulging in sexual activities with these women. This issue should have been highlighted in the story in some sort of way, but it wasn’t, so clearly the reporter of this article has no sympathy towards the women that were prostitutes and does not help, or sympathize, with the stereotype of a woman being a sexual object.


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