Lopez: News Portrayal VS Reality

A tragedy occurred inside the Student Union, during a time where a lot of students eat at. Usually the peak time of the Student Union is around 9:00pm and 10:00pm, to catch the last meal swipe for the day. This past Thursday (August 27, 2015), a college student from Savannah State University past away. The student’s name was Christopher Starks. Sadly, Starks was shot and killed by an unknown person. This story has received a massive amount of attention nationally.

ABC News portrayed Christopher Starks in their article just as a 22-year-old from the Atlanta area. Starks was more than just a 22-year-old from the Atlanta area. Actually, Starks majored in Mass Communication and was a junior at Savannah State University. Near the end of the article, ABC News included that Savannah State University was founded in 1890, and is the oldest historically black college in Georgia. The information was kind of irrelevant due to the tragic incident that took place at Savannah State University with reference to Sparks. Also, the first time ABC News published the article pertaining to Sparks, they referred to him as an ‘aspiring rapper’, but it’s gone now. They were being biased, because they could still say aspiring musician or aspiring artist instead of ‘aspiring rapper,’ because that sets up an image for other people to prejudge Starks.

Christopher Starks Appalachian State University school photo. (Fox 8)

Christopher Starks Appalachian State University school photo. (Photo by Fox 8)

Fox 8, posted a photo with Starks Appalachian State University.

WTOC-TV News publicly posted a photo with Starks in a nonprofessional matter. They selectively picked which photos to use. They tried putting a bad image for Starks. The news did not know who he was and they selected a photo that did not represent him as an individual.

On the other hand, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta quoted Christopher Starks coach. “But he was a leader in different ways, because he had great grades, but he didn’t brag about having great grades,” said Coach Damien Wimes. “He was talented, but he did not brag about his talent. He was just raised well.” The facts that WSB-TV 2 presented was, “Chris Starks signed a scholarship with Appalachian State and played football there until he blew out his knew. He transferred to Savannah State University last year hoping to play there once his injury healed. His uncle also pursued a career in music and fashion design.” Also stating, “Starks’ grandfather and several uncles are church pastors, and Collier Starks said Christopher was all about church and football.”







Owens: Women in Power

By: Jim Mone/AP

By: Jim One/AP

Hilary Clinton is a candidate for Democrats. Hilary was recently in a scandal because she decided to use her personal email address to handle government affairs as Secretary of State. Hilary violated State department protocols and procedures, and federal laws etc that was governing record keeping requirements. Now Hilary is trying to state her case as to why she needs to be a democratic nominee. Hilary stated “I have been fighting for families and underdogs my entire life, and I’m not going to stop now,” Clinton said at the summer meeting of the DNC in Minneapolis Friday. “In fact, I’m just getting warned up,” she vowed that she is “not taking a single primary voter or caucus-goer for granted.”

This statement in what  we see she’s a hard working candidate who really have a fight on her hands. Her statement was given at the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in Minneapolis, where Hilary was trying to win over delegates. The party leaders are in concern regarding what happened prior with the emails. Because of the email scandal it has made Hilary’s candidacy even harder than the other runners. In fact they are catching up in polls because party leaders are wrestling with what Hilary has done. Now going back to the email scandal the stereotype here is she’s a powerful women running for office and men shall I had usually gives off the stereotype that women can’t handle the pressure or be in such a high esteem leadership role such as president. The other stereotype is that women baggage gets drawn out of proportion, especially with politics. What’s crazy is their have been plenty scandals, frauds, and underhanded things in government for years. Why all of a sudden because Hilary uses her personal email she’s basically dammed for what she’s has done.

I for one sees that the game of politics isn’t easy, but to stereotype her as a female is plain out wrong. Women usually are defined by their past period. If a women were to steal or cheat they would be bashed more than the guy, why because the stereotype is men are considered more powerful and manly versus the female which the female would be criticized even brutalized. The injustice in her candidacy is ridiculous. I’m sure Hilary has learned her lesson. Don’t use your personal email for government business or any business for that matte. It’ just not smart. She deserves  for shot like everyone else in the fight to become a nominee. I’m sure there are skeletons in everyone who’s running closets that just have not yet been revealed.


Jones : Japanese Women Stereotypes

Japan is the third largest in the world by nominal GDP. Japan has recently experience trouble in their economy and they now think they have found the piece of the puzzle they have been missing. Women! They believe that more women in the office will help its economy in a tremendous way and are now taking the steps to hire more women in the industry. Shinzo Abe (Japans Prime Minister) has put the country’s economy in the hands of its women.

The general feel of this article is simply “Women have proven to go above the standards, but a man is chosen first.  This article suggest that in the year 2015 they are now just starting to realize women might have a better handle on things then men. Japan has overlooked women for almost two decades of their economic stagnation. Although Japanese woman are considered among the most highly educated but still look over due to the fact that it is a woman. Situations like these are where the terms “House wife” and the phrase ” A women belongs in the kitchen”  come from. This is just an example of how false those accusations actually are. Women are just as good, if not better at cooperate jobs. The world today only tries to fulfill each position with a male figure when in reality a woman might be the best for the job.

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Blakley: The Positive Things About Christopher “Cooley” Starks

This past Thursday evening, a tragic shooting occurred on Savannah State University where Christopher “Cooley” Starks was shot and eventually passed at the hospital hours later. Tiger’s Roar, the student newspaper was on top of this breaking news immediately, and when something new appeared about the incident the student’s working for the newspaper were first to let everyone know the 411. During this incident, I thought it was quite odd how no one knew who the suspect was, for example, what color shirt he had on, what his face looked like, no clues of who killed this 22-year-old man who only lived to be 22 for 10 days. What I want to discuss is how the media is portraying Cooley just an aspiring rapper, however, he was much more than that.

Starks was a transfer from Appalachian State University who was currently a junior majoring in Mass Communications. My fellow classmates in class that knew him described him as a person who lived life with no regrets, he was always smiling and was in school to better himself and build a great future for himself. The media seemed to portray him as the typical stereotype by showing pictures of him others will probably label him as a “thug” when in my opinion if a young man is in college to get a degree, he is not a thug. Some media sites are just claiming him as just an “aspiring rapper” which is true, but that really has nothing to do with him and the situation that happened.

Mass Communications Chairman Wanda Lloyd created a blog about Cooley by collecting  quotes and information from students that knew him to acknowledge all the positive and great things about him while he was alive. I felt that the national news websites such as: CNN, New York Times, ABC News and more should have contacted Tiger’s Roar to collect information that his family and friends would love to remember him by, not just as an “aspiring rapper”.

Picture of Starks at Appalachian State University (Newsmax.com)

Picture of Starks at Appalachian State University (Newsmax.com)

“The safety of those who live, study, work and visit Savannah State University remains a top priority – no exceptions. Savannah State University has zero tolerance for violence of any kind. If students are aware of the presence of weapons, please think and act responsibly to disclose such information to a member of the faculty, staff or administration, or other figure of authority. While it may be natural to want to protect an associate, the lack of disclosure may do more harm than good in the long run. Therefore, anyone with information about the incident should contact the SSU Police Department.” http://www.inquisitr.com/2373425/savannah-state-university-shooting-christopher-starks-killed-gunman-still-at-large/

This is a quote from Savannah State saying that they try to keep all their students safe, however, so far  tI have not seen a change in security too much, hopefully our police and security are trying to find better ways of keeping us students safe while classes are in session. Hopefully as a current Savannah State student this will be the last tragedy my school as a whole will have to deal with.

Rood: HBCU’s Stereotypes

HBCU commencement (uppitynegronetwork.com)

HBCU commencement (uppitynegronetwork.com)

There is a national debate on whether Black Colleges and Universities still needed? Data and research shows that HBCU’s also known as Historically Black University’s contribute significantly to the African American middle class as well as the nation’s economy and graduation numbers are very impressive. HBCU’s are known to have fewer resources to help fund them but that hasn’t stopped those individuals who are attending them with majors such as education, science, technology, engineering and mathematics also referred to as “STEM”. Although most HBCU’s student body are predominately Black the faculty at most HBCU’s nationwide has a diverse faculty and staff working at the universities there are many questions and concerns regarding them and their future.

Historically Black Colleges only make up 3% of all colleges and universities in the United States which is merely low compared to other colleges around the nation and worldwide. According to the United Negro College Fund 30% of all Blacks recieve their undergraduates from HBCU’s which is a pretty good number compared to those who attend more diverse universities with better funding and more resources available for the student body. In reality Blacks attending HBCU’s are steadily declining due to the common stereotypes associated with them as students feel they can’t receive the proper education versus attending a “well-known” university where they fell their degree will hold more value and appreciation. When people think of a Historically Black College they often think of them as illiterate, uneducated, too many blacks and lack of education. All of these stereotypes aren’t true and it goes to show you that this society has put a “label” on HBCU’s that you must attend some big powerhouse school in order to become successful in life and get a pretty good job which we all know that isn’t always the case. Attending a more diverse university seems to be the “American dream” and without that you won’t be recognized in the competitive job market as well as peers you encounter on a daily basis who are going to judge you whether you like it or not. Other’s also view HBCU’s education as less challenging as a more diverse university which in doubt is a myth and that according to ThinkHBCU over 50% of African American professionals have graduated from a HBCU. Historically Black Colleges are without a doubt no different from any other University and race shouldn’t be a factor when trying to further education and help better prepare students for their future. At the end of the day stereotypes about Colleges shouldn’t be compared to race, education and athletics they all host the similar events rather we want to admit it or not. HBCU’s can offer the same minors and majors as those of a more diverse universtiy when looking to further education or even  participating in atheltic events hosted by the universities various organizations.

Some alumni’s of HBCU’s include Rev. Jessie Jackson Sr, civil rights activist, Henry E. Frye, former N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice and the late Dr. Ronald E. McNair, former astronaut. These are the few but many important figures who attended a Historically Black College.

Hitchcock: Woman finds her “twin” – again

A woman name Nimah Geaney who was in total shock where she found another woman who look exactly like her. The woman who looked just like her only live an hour away from Ireland. Lusia Guizzardi which is Nimah’s twin look just like her and acts like her as well. They are known as the Identical Twin Strangers. Niamh met with Lusia’s 24 year old friend first. He told her that they have the same presence and aura. When the two sisters met for the first time, they notice that majority of their actions are the same, such as: hand gestures, playing with their hair while talking, scrunching their house and shrugging their shoulders the same way. As the two sisters put on the same make-up for a photoshoot, the sisters notice that they look more alike in person than pictures. The twins are 27 years of age. The both agree that not only that they look alike, their personalities are just alike. Luisa calls her sister her soulmate and they are elated that they found each other.


Italian twin sisters on a photoshoot of meeting each other for the first time.

Italian twin sisters on a photoshoot of meeting each other for the first time.


White: Female Engineer Stereotypes

All starting with a California Women who was criticized for her company’s recruiting campaign. Comments started to flow when “She didn’t look like the typical engineer.”

Caroline Vaughn, designs power lines for Entergy, but there was times she wonder if being a girl would get in the way of her success. She was a little skeptical about Electrical  Engineer, there are not a lot of girls there. here graduating class was one other girl and herself. Now Caroline is saying she’s proud of proving people stereotypes wrong.

At Clinton Career Complex, a public school. they added an engineering design course. And some of the students are girls.Caroline is hoping to see more girls entering the engineering job market. She said, “We all can do it and we can get past the stereotypes.”ccc

Stereotypes about girls being in the engineering field should be diminished for people like Caroline because just like a guy can read instructions and take in instructions so can a women. Its not a rule that says girls cant be in this field. If they are doing something they want to do and they like doing it that’s all that matters. Everyone can change the world its all a process.