Rood: Sex trafficking

There have been millions of young female victims fallen into the dark underworld of sex trafficking and human trafficking. Victims are recruited by these highly organized gangs and criminal enterprises that lure in their victim by showering them with gifts, money and tricking the victim into believing that they’re really there for them when in reality they’re being recruited into their business. Law enforcement agencies nationwide has targeted Atlanta, Georgia as what they call the “hub” for illegal sex industry that brings in nearly $290 million a year. The reason for this is because Atlanta is a big city with a lot of going on such as parties, convention’s, many hotels to stay in and a really busy airport that these pedophiles arrive in. Pimps use the internet as a source to exploit their victims when various men contact them to have a sex with one of the victims via email or social media. Traffickers “brand” their sex workers by tattooing a symbol on their body to warn other pimps that she belongs to their organization. It’s very common that many sex workers will deny they’re selling sex or even working for a pimp. Law enforcement has tracked and intercepted possible meetings with sex workers and how they identify their sex workers with the following quote:

 “(A) man could get on that computer, anonymously, say, ‘I’m coming in to go have sex with this child.’ He’ll fly in on a 3:00 flight, meet the child at 6:00, and be gone on the 8:00″. said Dalia Racine, assistant district attorney for DeKalb County, which includes part of Atlanta.”

“She has one tattoo on her knee, we’ve seen multiple times in this area, and it’s likely it’s a brand from a local pimp,” said Kennedy. “That’s one of the new things from pimps. They put their logo on their girl. … The tattoo is fresh, which tells me that he just got his hands on her.”


Racine and Kennedy have both worked together to help and identify these human trafficking rings to gain enough evidence to prosecute various criminal underworlds and human trafficking rings. While doing their investigation CNN Freedom Project, followed Kennedy and fellow officers more than a year going undercover to arrange dates they arranged through social networks and an internet escort sites, like many victims when they showed up turned out to be underage. Once the undercover officers presented who they really were many arresting officers would give the victim leniency on whether or not they’re willing to go home to a safe place or if they declined this offer then Kennedy and his team would have their hands tied on what to do with the victims they have in their custody with the following quotes:


Georgia law gives authorities the opportunity to grant leniency if a girl is willing to go to a safe home. But if she declines, their hands are somewhat tied.

 The team went exit by exit along I-285, the perimeter highway, to hotels where undercover agents had arranged “dates” through an Internet escort site. In several of those meetings, the escort who showed up turned out to be underage.

It is very important that those who are lured into this sick and disturbing underworld know that there are many treatment facilities available and local law enforcement as well as nationwide are here to help and prevent this occurring issue and they shouldn’t have to live in fear because of these heartless and sick pimps who uses violence and intimidation against their new recruitments.

Underage sex worker caught by police (CNN).

Underage sex worker caught by police (CNN).




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