Blakley: Rejection

On the Huffington Post senior women’s editor Emma Gray speaks on how BuzzFeed writer Grace Spelman blasts Ben Schoen for rude twitter and facebook posts. The former Mugglecast host, Schoen feels that he has some power by being a man that he cannot get rejected from any woman. Gray tells us in detail how Spelman lightly responded to some of his tweets by favoriting one or two tweets pertaining to her, and suddenly on Facebook Schoen decides to send Spelman a long message. He stereotypes her as a “special soul” meaning she is quite the character in his eyes, most likely thinking their small social media interactions opened the door to something more; until things went left. After she read the message, she responded kindly, and respectfully and then attempted to remove her interactions with him by blocking him on both Twitter and Facebook.

Spelman explains through a tweet this situation she has telling the Twitter world that she is seeing someone, however, even if you block someone the person still can find a way to still be in contact with them; Schoen felt hurt about getting rejected, so he let his anger out on Twitter by criticizing her work, and her intelligence. This is a typical stereotype men put on women saying are not smart, and criticized her intellect. This is where men go wrong by getting upset because they do not get their way; Schoen is a bit childish for his actions especially by taking this situation to social media. Below is a screenshot of the tweets he publicly sent to her.

Photo by Grace Spelman, showing the tweets Ben Schoer publicly sent to her insulting her.

Photo by Grace Spelman, showing the tweets Ben Schoer publicly sent to her insulting her. (

“Rejection, romantic or otherwise, sucks. It is also a part of life. Who hasn’t sent a hopeful text message and never gotten a response? Or approached someone at a party and been disappointed to realize that he or she just wasn’t interested in chatting with you? Or reached out to someone about a potential professional collaboration and never heard back?” -Hannah Maté Hey Sup Girl Blogger

This quote above is relevant to this blog because she is speaking on reality, and everyone gets rejected, and in this case this was very unprofessional of Ben Schoen to do, like Maté said there is not anymore potential of having a professional collaboration together as writers.

“In these situations, you’re allowed to be disappointed, and even sad. What’s inappropriate is hounding the other person, and dominating her personal space (virtual or IRL) to the point where she is forced to acknowledge you.” -Hannah Maté Hey Sup Girl Blogger

Everything Maté says in her blog relates to what Schoen most likely feels inside while typing those hurtful, and rude words to her, women have the power to reject a man if she pleases. Why do men feel the need to have power over women? Women can be superior as well as men, no I am not saying that women and men are equal, I am saying that it is nothing wrong with women being in control. After Schoen does all those things to Spelman, he sends her a 1,500 word apology.


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