White: Female Engineer Stereotypes

All starting with a California Women who was criticized for her company’s recruiting campaign. Comments started to flow when “She didn’t look like the typical engineer.”

Caroline Vaughn, designs power lines for Entergy, but there was times she wonder if being a girl would get in the way of her success. She was a little skeptical about Electrical  Engineer, there are not a lot of girls there. here graduating class was one other girl and herself. Now Caroline is saying she’s proud of proving people stereotypes wrong.

At Clinton Career Complex, a public school. they added an engineering design course. And some of the students are girls.Caroline is hoping to see more girls entering the engineering job market. She said, “We all can do it and we can get past the stereotypes.”ccc

Stereotypes about girls being in the engineering field should be diminished for people like Caroline because just like a guy can read instructions and take in instructions so can a women. Its not a rule that says girls cant be in this field. If they are doing something they want to do and they like doing it that’s all that matters. Everyone can change the world its all a process.


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