Newton: Transgender Women

As a woman attempts to take a flight to Minneapolis she was stopped by airport security because her penis showed up as an “anomaly.” Shadi Petosky said she felt embarrassed after having to get searched by the airport staff. Prior to the search she went through a full body scanner made to search for women, and then pulled aside to check for weapons and explosives. The staff took her into an interview room where she told the truth to her failing the female body scanner. Petosky explained ” that’s my penis” to the transportation administration officials. To prove herself she agreed to walk through the male full body scanner.

By the time all the interrogation was over she had missed her flight and had to buy another ticket. The staff at the airport told her in order to avoid these kinds of things for future references is to ask for a private screening. The stereotypes BBC News in this blog were a person with a different sex changed going through many troubles to do something as simple as getting on a plane. Another one was how the security is super protective now days at airports since the 2001 terrorist attack. They might have felt that it could have been a setup with someone dressing like a lady.

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Newton: Bobbi Kristina

Bobbi was the daughter of the late great singer Whitney Houston, who recently passed away. On BBC News. the cause death is said to be determined but undisclosed. The daughter was twenty-two years old of age when deceased. Before the death occurred, six months prior, Bobbi was founded unresponsive in a bath at her Atlanta home. Her mother Whitney Houston died from an accidental drowning also, but there was drug abused and a heart disease that played factors in her death. Whitney was forty-eight years old when she passed. She was known by hundreds of people that she was a chronic cocaine user.through the years of being a famous singer and performer, the mother and daughter relationship was a delightful thing to see. Bobbi would perform with her and sing duets on stage with her mother.

There were stereotypes that I could see from reading this blog site. The happiness in a relationship between mother and daughter. Bobbi was a young African lady who came from a family were the parents used drugs. As a child and having drugs being around you could have an effect on decision making in the future. BBC News never said that Bobbi died because of drugs. but they do mention the fact on how they had similarities including the tragic deaths.I feel though they were trying to make it seem that Bobbi may have been using drugs as well but no information was released for that matters.

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Burns-Samuel: Red states are against women rights

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Abortion rights have always been a very touchy subject between the conservatives and liberals. The conservatives obviously are against it at all costs and the liberals are for it being the woman’s choice. So since there’s not an agreement on this issue, and they probably won’t ever come to one, there are many laws on this in all states but some are very rigorous and almost impossible to have a procedure.

The women of the red states are putting up a fight for their rights which are lawfully their’s since the human rights doctrine states that “we’re all equal before the law.” Women just want to have the right to choose whether or not to go through with the procedure. Which is one choice that the red states are trying to make for the women.

Women don’t really have a lot of say in the red states because we as women don’t really have any pull unless we’re attached to a man. Why is it that in 2015 women are still fighting for simple rights like the right to choose? Because the big wigs in congress can’t seem to ever agree on anything including the Planned Parenthood federal funding that could very well cause another government shutdown and the destruction of American lives while they sit, argue and still get paid.

The war on women will forever be an ongoing one because this issue is pretty much divided up amongst the American population. The GOP is trying to have a government shutdown because they don’t want to budget when it comes to giving Planned Parenthood more than 540 million dollars to continue their services to women. Mainly abortion. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Oklahoma (not surprised at this list at all) have all put restrictions on clinics that raised a lot of questions and concerns to the residents of those states. Such restrictions have been placed on the clinics in Texas causing them to close down almost, if not more than, half of the clinics which caused this battle and the women of Texas are hoping their case goes to the supreme court. Just having the simple right to choose whether or not they want the procedure is causing so much damage in our country. Just saying.

Burns-Samuel: Clinton’s distractions won’t affect a thing

BY: Keith Kissle

BY: Keith Kissel

Being a woman in the media automatically means you will be scrutinized for any and everything. Being a woman in politics means nothing you do can ever outweigh that of a man and when you make a mistake their point is proven. Their being all the misogynist in America, or the world for that matter. So what’s the stereotype? Women can’t amount to men. This seems to be the running truth since America has yet to have a woman president but we are all for “equality.”

Hillary Clinton has had the email scandal and is still the front runner for the Democratic Party. She’s even had more than a thousand emails to be in possession of the inspecting general and there’s still no one to pass her in the polls as of late. Now there’s this distraction about her having an opposition on the Keystone XL pipelines. She says that its a “distraction from the important work we have to do on climate change…one that interferes with our ability to move forward with all other issues.” Since she said this, its calmed down the questioning about the emails yes but those questions are still being thrown her way. Why is that? Because she’s a woman and they will try to trip her up any way they can just to prove that she isn’t fit to be an American president, let alone the first woman president.

Other stereotypes that are pretty frequent with the women in politics is that they have to be attached to a man somehow. Obviously if by some miracle that Clinton does win the presidency, she will only be as good as Bill Clinton because that’s who they will compare her to at every given chance, with every decision made and every stroke of the pen; Bill Clinton’s name will forever live on. No matter if she happened to be the best president this land has seen, it will be because Bill was right there holding her hand the whole way. So basically, Hillary wouldn’t get credit for it but Bill would have been a four-term president by default.

Either way if she’s linked to Bill for the rest of her life or not she couldn’t pull one over on the eyes of the media. By even speaking about the pipelines only adds more pressure to her but as she does and probably always will do she simply states that this distraction won’t affect the campaign at all. The media has a lot more to say about that. In time we’ll see how she’s put under the microscope for yet another thing. Just saying.

English: Regina King “Leftovers”

Regina King on Leftovers

Regina King on Leftovers

Within the past decades African-American women been trying to showcase their talent through movies and shows, but for some reason the roles they are given to play as in the past are maids. Now, the African-American women play as slaves, angry women, abusive mothers, and psychos. It was hard for them to be recognized for their talent in society that is already set and stone for white people to be known for their accomplishments by receiving loads of awards and fame. For African-American their wardrobe has to be sparkly, lace, revealing, and fitted. Sometimes they have to put on their best on for the show. When African-American women choose the hairstyles they either have to wear it up, straighten, or short. If they wore some type of braids they will receive criticism.

Wells: Many moms go into debt to be ‘perfect parents’

One very obvious and well known stereotype about women is that they are very caring almost to a fault. This story tells about how 46% of women surveyed for BabyCenter’s 2015 Cost of Raising a Child report have gone into debt providing for their child. It is said that is cost about $13,248 to raise a child. This survey is done with only woman, the men are not involved in this survey and still 46% of women are in debt. In interviewing women, they have said that the reason they spend so much money on their child is because they want to make sure their child has the best childhood ever. They feel as if an early child hood will affect the child into adult hood. Mother loving and caring for her child
Mother loving and caring for her child

This is not necessarily proven, but it is a strong point. The stereotype of women being loving and caring will always be with women. This goes all the way back into history where woman would stay home and be the care takers while the men were out at war. Women have always been seen in this light and with reports like this coming out, this stereotype proves to be true. This is actually a positive stereotype though. A child need the love and support of a mother because their is a connection made at birth. The mother need to be the most attached to the child because she gave birth to the child and nurtured the child before birth. Another stereotype that can be made about women thats on a negative note, is that women don’t know how to manage their money. One thing that the world knows is that women love to shop. Women in todays society have a history of being notorious shoppers. The phrase “shop until you drop” mainly came from women and their shopping habits. If women don’t mind spending their last on the latest fashions, then I know they will do whatever they can to make sure their child is looking better than any other child. It was thought that women spent so much money on their children because they wanted to out do other parents, but now we see that they spend all of this money for the child to have a better childhood and because it is hard to say no to the child. To be a loving and caring mother is not a bad stereotype to have, but women should be wiser when it comes to spending their money.

Burns-Samuel: Carly’s track record at HP might bring her down

by: Gage Skidmore

by: Gage Skidmore

Carly Fiorina was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Hewlett-Packard, and because of the way she handled the company caused her to be fired. During her reign, some claim that she caused at least 30,000 people to lose their jobs. Up until recently, Fiorina didn’t mention much about her time there or why she had been fired. An unnamed citizen was the persistent one to get an answer out of her. Her response was that she had to burn it down in order to build it back up again.

Generally in politics, authors refrain from being biased in writings. That also depend on who’s writing the article and who its about. Since politics are male dominate, occasionally you get that one female that everybody is talking about and if she’s succeeding they try to figure out how they can tear her down. And since it is politics, they won’t stop at anything. Carly Fiorina was the first woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company and instead of having supporters she’s had quite the opposite.

In the opening paragraph Eli Stokols, the author, describes her success as “the crowning achievement of her corporate career.” That sounds like a fairy tale to me or dainty. The crowning achievement means as if she met her prince and became a princess. You don’t become a princess of the company. He belittled her success by putting the word ‘crowning’ in front of one of the greatest accomplishments in her career. He could’ve said prime accomplishment or simply top achievement. Don’t put a frilly word in the article because it’s about a woman. Had that been a man, there wouldn’t have even been an article on the situation. It would’ve been swept under the rug.

Another word in his article seems like it would only be meant for woman use and that is likening. He said, “she likening herself to innovators and executives…” meaning she compared herself. Not sure if he chose that specific word because he’s talking about a woman or if he’s trying to show the extent of his vocabulary, either way that’s definitely one biased word.

Since Fiorina’s surge in the polls, more and more rivals have come forward with news about her track record with the company. In her one and only prior run for office she went against Sen. Barbara Boxer who brought up her failed attempt as CEO and won the election. The issue was Fiorina’s response. Now in the upcoming debates and her running for office other GOP candidates are repeating what Boxer was saying in her pitch to win. Instead of having a 10 percent drop in the polls because of what she said, Fiorina is being cognizant of how she responds to the questions of her days as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Stokols goes in depth with the allegations and tries to stay away from the bias language, but even then he snuck a few in there. Just saying