Rood: Latino Women Stereotypes

Jenifer Lopez portraying seek and submissive maid in the movie Maid in Manhattan. (

Jenifer Lopez portraying seek and submissive maid in the movie Maid in Manhattan. (

With the recent rise of Latino women portrayal shown on t.v. shows and movies they are often portrayed in the worst way. The actors who portray them often have what they refer to as the “Latin look” which is associated with tan colored skin, fiery tempers, dark hair and a nice body shape. Not all of these images are false but it does also dampen the self-confidence of American-born Latinos that are currently living here in the U.S. with a negative impact. One of the major stereotypes associated with the Latino women would be the way the media portrayed them as being the live in maid and nanny who are prone to cleaning the house, making supper and help put the kids away to bed with the family she is living with and working for. It is true men of Latino also suffer from stereotypes but not like the women do when being portrayed in various media and television shows aired on the airways today. Another dangerous stereotype would be those Latino not looking or portraying the “typical” look which has also dampened the confidence of Latinos across the U.S. who are currently residing here. Latino women are known to come in different colors and shapes and those actors who are being hired to play them in various roles are not even close to being accurate.

Feminspire has stated that   Let’s start with the “Latin Look.” There is nothing popular culture got more wrong than this.”  Another topic that doesn’t get discussed  openly would be about would be the place for  Black Latinos in Hollywood when going up against fellow actors who looked the more “Typical” Latino looks when auditioning for producers and writers. On the female blog site  Feminspire one popular actress recently voiced her frustrations about being a Black Latina in Hollywood  Gina Torres, a beautiful Dominican actress who has never played a Latina on screen, has been quoted saying, “When I became an actress I quickly realize that the world liked their Latinos to look Italian. Not like me. So I wasn’t going up for Latina parts. I was going up for African American parts.” This stereotype also kills the self confidence of actors who are real-life Black Latino living here in the U.S. and is almost like un-spoken taboo which in reality associated with racism and sexist just not looking the “typical” Latino look. Latino women are also stereotyped to be seductive, sexy Latino women who entice men by using their bodies and looks to their advantage to get over on men and have their way. Latin women often play the role of the seductress, like Roselyn Sanchez in Rush Hour IIand Marisa Tomei (an Italian-American actress from Brooklyn) in The Perez Family”.  Hollywood producers often try to convince audiences across the world who are viewing them to various audiences across the world that Latino women do act like this in real life and that they are known to be both fiery with an uncontrollable anger in real life.



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