Lochu: In Hollywood, you better be a young white straight man.

The gender inequalities are several and affect all of the society. Still, they are particularly present in the world of work. If this is the issue of wages that is often asked, there is also wide disparities between male and female employees at the head of large companies and top positions.
As we know, men are the majority to occupy these places of choice. But that dominance is also noticeable in sectors which we would not have necessarily thought, like cinema.
In Hollywood, the biggest movie stars are also facing the inequalities of gender, man/woman. This is particularly the case in the cinema where the male has a prominent place.
Inequality  behind the camera of Hollywood is a subject that is not new. A recent study by Stacy L. Smith reveals that the situation is much worse than we imagine. Everyday sexism, ageism, racism or homophobia would rage in the heart of the industry and its media.

Between 2007 and 2014, out biggest successes were scrutinized by the University of Annenberg, in Southern California, in order to complete the study in question and lead to terrible conclusions.  The inequality of gender is one of the most important disparities in Hollywood. Regarding to the statitics from the New Yor Times

(Photo Credit: thewrap.com)

(Photo Credit: thewrap.com)

, those show important differences. Among the most successful film, only 30% of the characters who speak are women. That is to say that to men who give 2.3 replica, only one woman will have a word to say. Most of the movies are directed by male since only 1.9% are directed by women. In 2014, male superheroes are much more present than women; only 21.8% of women were named or speaking characters, in fictional, adventure, and action movies.

Meanwhile gender inequality is one of the most frequent problem since many, many centuries, the recent study by Stacy L. Smith reveals others disparities in Hollywood about race, sexual orientation, and age. The choice of Hollywood for an inequality study put on the table the reality. The study give a further impact on what has become an important subject of critics, since people what TV, movies or series made by this world top company. Therefore, we understand that gender inequality is rooted in the society forever, and that is the case as well in front or behind the cameras.
In a world where women’s rights are increasing, the representation of our society  and top jobs are still based on racist practices. As Mr. Marron said:

“I’m not saying that any of these films are racist. I’m not saying that any of these filmmakers are racist. I’m saying that the system that they’re contributing has some deeply racist practices.”



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