Owens: Can women hold their own in politics?

Political conventions are, at least in theory, supposed to be about party unity. But on Saturday at New Hampshire’s annual Democratic Party convention, a disagreement among Democrats over presidential debates broke out on the convention floor.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz came to New Hampshire to rally the party faithful and to bash the other guys. But a whole lot of people in the audience had something else they wanted her to address: the presidential debate schedule set out by the DNC, which comprised a total of six debates, and just one of them is the first in the nation primary state of New Hampshire.

“According to Npr.org” the statement “conventions are in theory suppose to be about unity, and then to bring in the chairman Debbie Schultz, is it to suggest that Debbie as a women can’t bring unity within the politics? Can women only start drama? This was indeed Debbie Schultz convention, so was it in reference to her?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was hit with these stereotypes as a woman because her intentions were to hold the conventions to head up arguments against the “other guys” instead it made Debbie look like as a women she can’t hold weight and bring some sort of justice within politics. Npr wrote “Twice, Schultz had to give up on her prepared remarks and address the hecklers, who shouted, ” We want debates, we want debates.” With this statement it brings a look to Debbie Schultz as a women to say that men can do it better. If she was a man that wouldn’t be happening.

This statement places a stereotype “well do a man need to take over to get stuff done?” It paints the image that Debbie isn’t in control as a women, and not only that a women in politics needs a man to run the political show. Which is already painted in the media anyway. Next Npr gave Schultz comment ” come on folks, we are all on the same side,” Schultz told the crowd. “So let’s make sure we focus on the Republicans. We should not be arguing amongst ourselves. We have a job to do. We have a president to elect.” By using this quote from Schultz it paints the picture she’s too nice and in politics you need more sterdyness to appear to the general audience. Why use “come on guys” versus ” I’m here to make changes against the other man and that’s it people.”

This article has left Debbie Schultz, Clinton, and Sanders looking defenseless in a sense that they can’t take charge like the men can. Hilary Clinton and Sanders aren’t actively advocating a change in the debate schedule, but say if the party adds more they would gladly attend (according to Npr) this statement makes it like only when things are peaceful women can come in and make a differnce not when all seems bad and it being an uproar.

By: Jim Cole/AP

By: Jim Cole/AP



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