ASSIGNMENT for Friday 11/13/15


Hi, Women in the Media students,

As we won’t be having a physical class today (11/13/15), let’s read and blog here on Rowdy, Uppity and Sometimes Well-Behaved.

Please read the September 2015 story in Vanity Fair magazine called “Tinder is the Night” in the print edition.  Here is the URL:

Please read at least to the end of the section entitled: “Hit It or Quit It.”

First, in your blog, make a list of words, phrases, symbols etc. that indicate stereotypes of both men and women. List at least 10 for each gender. For example:

Male: “Dad Bod”=saggy, ugly, old (graf 1)

Female: “rack up 100″=women are no more than a game of pool, men rack them up

Then answer these question in an essay of 300-500 words: What is the impact of dating apps such as Tinder on male and female stereotypes?  Whose “fault” is it — men, women or the media?  Why?

Really looking forward to reading what you find and think.

Cheers, S. Earley



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