Burns-Samuel: Tinder Sex Game

List of stereotypes for both men and women:

Male: “Dad bod”= unfit, has a  potbelly
“fuckboy”= guy who only wants sex
competitive = see how many girls they can sleep with
nonchalant = care free
manipulative = have great “text game”
gives full disclosure= doesn’t want a relationship
whore= “racking up girls”, “hit it and quit it”
misogynists= misogynists
Women: easy = gives it up
want too much= relationships
cares too much
clingy= guy is “stuck in one lane”
trophies= hottest chick
whore= go from guy to guy
“Tinderellas” = the Cinderella’s of Tinder
not a priority= men only see them as mates


The impact of dating apps on the stereotypes of both men and women just heightens them in a way that you would only believe the stereotypes and not look past them. The initial purpose of dating apps where specifically for that. Dating. But since having sex is much easier than getting into a relationship, the purpose of the apps have changed drastically. Apps like tinder, hinge, okcupid and others have become sex sites and not dating sites. These apps are used for how many people you can have sex with in a week. Some might argue and say a day but the sole purpose of swiping right or left is to see who you can hit. One huge impact these apps have had was making the sex scene just about numbers and taking all courtship away.

The stereotypes have probably gotten worse based on the article (link at bottom) but nonetheless this isn’t the case for all males and females. The bad entities always outshine the good.

As far as who’s to blame is an all or nothing type question to me. You can’t blame one party and not the other two. (Male, female or mainstream media) All parties play into this with just about everything they’ve got. Males go for the numbers and the hottest, but so do females and the media just hypes up the situation to the point where it’s going to be an everlasting circle that can’t be broken. Although, someone had to be first at it right? That’s also me asking which was first, the chicken or the egg? There’s no way for me to figure that out but I’m sure some scholars of the evolution of sex would love to place the blame on either or.

Even though all parties play a huge role into the stereotypes set above and many more that others have come up with, the only way to stop the negativity and mindless sex is for our generation to put down their phones and have a real conversation with someone they meet at a random place like the store or a bar (bars only count if you’re not wasted). But facing the facts, that’s never going to happen. Guys are still going to want the hottest girl on Tinder and girls are going to want to hottest guy on Tinder.

Swipe right!

http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/08/tinder-hook-up-culture-end-of-dating  fair warning, it’s pretty lengthy.


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