L. Hunt Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is now an advocate of Donald Trump campaign. At a rally in Iowa Sarah took upon herself to voice her opinion about why Donald trump would be the best candidate for the job. Sarah didn’t portray herself like most women in politics she made sure she said what was on her mind. Most women in politics show more lady like qualities during public speaking. Sarah does a great job of asserting her dominance during her speech. Palin talks about how she stands with Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his efforts to “change America.” Sarah Palin demonstrated what it means to have a belief in something and speak passionately about it which is more of a man like quality. As a woman, I respect her decision to support to speak her mind despite how others may perceive her.
On the other hand, as a woman it is impertinent to display and carry oneself as a lady each and every day. With that being stated, what I did not appreciate from Sarah Palin was her attempt to diminish the hard work that our well respected President Barack Obama has done for this country. As a lady, it is important to remember that there is certain way to express your compassion on oneself. Sarah Palin stated in her speech that “The United States military deserves a Commander-and-Chief who loves our country passionately and will never apologize for this country.” I feel as though she lacked the respect for President Obama and all he has done for this country. Whether one agrees /disagrees, like or dislikes a person, respect is always in order and her comment towards the President demonstrated the “un-lady like” characteristics. Overall, the image of women was portrayed positively with Sarah Palin’s confidence but was lackluster with her attempt to lessen President Obama’s work was unacceptable as a well-respected woman in politics.


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