J.Ware; Anna Maria Peduzzi

Dear Readers,

I want to as you what do you think when you hear race car driver? Actually i have a better question, what do you picture when you hear the words “race car driver”? Do you picture women at all? Or is the image that comes to mind mainly men?

Anna Maria Peduzzi Is said to be one of the best drivers of the sport in the 1930’s. She is well known by Italians and within the racing circuit, and her skills allowed her to take on the best drivers, regardless of gender.

Her nickname was  “La Marocchina. She competed in more than 50 races in her career. She drove for many well known names such as Ferrari and FIAT.  Unlike the drivers of today, protection for anyone of any gender was practically non existent. Seat belts were rare, and power steering hadn’t been created yet. Therefore driving at high speed made death a real possibility.

While reading this story, the first thing that should be noticed is that this story took place in the 1930’s. A time when women were nothing more than home makers and mothers. Although that is true for American women, the fact that this woman took on a male dominated sport that had little to no protection involved, is remarkable.

Not only did she take it on, but she succeeded and made a name for herself.





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